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wall finish (look vibrated) and small blob in corner

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Posted · wall finish (look vibrated) and small blob in corner

Hi all,

I am trying to go deep in using the Cura software with my Custom delta. (based on a Tevo Little monster)

My Printer have a volcano hotend (original D3D) . Material ASA Appollo-X

I customized more or less everything. The hardware should produce nice work. And some time it happen so good. But some time the settings are difficult to be found.

So here I am.

1)On only one side ,  where the nozzle start to print (red square) ,the finish have no sense (for that side only). Tried temp from 220 to 260 , fan hight and low etc etc. It seems an excess of extrusion. But if I lower the flow things make even worse. After all the rest of the object is very good so...boh.

On the same side  but where ne nozzle don't start the level (green square) , the finish is perfect. (actually I'm trying to print the infill before ... let see what I'll get)

The other side are all good.

2) When the nozzle turn happen some blob (yellow square). But this can be related to the close retraction. So I should investigate in that direction.

Under the yellow square there is the support for the hole.


Any suggestion where to look in the settings?


Thanks for all the contributions 😉




The printer:



The settings in use:





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Posted · wall finish (look vibrated) and small blob in corner

Not sure what's causing these issues but try printing at half speed and also at 1/4 speed for a few layers - just to see what happens.  Your printer should allow you to set feedrate at 50% while printing.  And then also try 25%.


With PLA 240C works but not if you want nice looking prints.  Stick to closer to 210C or even 195C.  Every printer is different so I can't say what temp is best.

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Posted · wall finish (look vibrated) and small blob in corner

Thanks gr5 😀

I'll try also the way you suggest.

On the box of the ASA they suggest to print between 235 and 255 degree. I tried very low temperature but unfortunately the layers didn't fuse for guarantee the optimum solidity of the object. I mean, i tried to break the object and I discovered that the layers where not fuse properly.

Print the infill before make the thinks look a little better but give dimensional problems. So the solution don't lies there.

I'll continue to investigate and I'll report what I discover...

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