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Dual Extrusion with Kisslicer is working

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At the top of the page you can download a ZIP archive with all the stuff

needed to make this work. I cannot post any pics because my main heater

cartridge just failed so currently out of action.

ZIP Contains:

Kisslicer exe (for windows x64)

Firmware modded for dual ext.

Kisslicer setup files modded for dual ext.

Sample test STL part and pics of how it should look

Let me know how you get on, but it all works for me. However I only

use it for printing support in 2nd material. Have never tried it as a

"dual material" print....


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ok, perhaps i am a little bit stupid. I download your Zip and i am search for the hex file to install the firmware with Cura, but i can not find it.

When i am looking to your Guide i see, that i have to install the Marlin developer suite. Perhaps you can tell me where i can found the Hex-File i have to install the firmware without installing the Marlin developer suite?


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OK I understand now,

You need to install this with the official Arduino software.


Download Arduino IDE 1.0.5

You should learn how to install firmware this way, as you will also be able to edit the

firmware in Arduino IDE (if you ever need to in future).

To compile it is explained here:



Once compiled you just click on FILE>UPLOAD and thats it. To do the whole process is only

3 mouseclicks. Once to load the firmware into Arduino IDE, once to compile it, and once to upload it.

Let me know if you need further help. (in my website, its explaining how to edit your

own firmware so it works in dual extrusion, you do NOT need to do that part with the

files I provided here - that bit is done already)




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Has anyone had achieved simialr success following "snowygrouch's" process for Dual Extrusion printing with PLA/PVA?

Has this process been supplanted by other methods that have been posted since this?

Never mind. I was just on his web site and found what I was looking for..


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