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Prime Tower Falling

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Posted (edited) · Prime Tower Falling

Does anyone have problems with the prime tower falling for tall prints like in the following Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd) vid? 


Like in the vid, the Cura team has improved the prime tower default settings as it will now do a brim if the print is using one.  However, I've still had problems with the tower falling.  With a brim, the tower usually cracks off at the 2nd layer. 


I've tried increasing the size of the tower and am now printing 40mm towers, and I've increased the number of tower walls (by increasing Prime Tower Minimum Volume) to 4 (2 for nozzle 1 and 2 for nozzle 2), and it still falls (see attached photo of a print where I tried to salvage it by gluing the tower back onto the print bed -- the tower had cracked off after only having printed about 2 inches!).  I could keep making the tower thicker, but it would be great to have a really thick wall at the bottom and have it gradually thin out towards the top.  Or some other idea that would stop this problem.  Thoughts?

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.20.38 AM.png

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Posted · Prime Tower Falling

I have solved this by printing with a really broad brim to keep the tower from breaking loose from the bed and enlarging the size and volume of the tower to keep it from breaking.  It uses a bit more material and takes a bit longer but I rarely have prime tower failures even with tall, skinny objects on my UM3ext.

water bottle holder.JPG

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