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Model is messed up in Cura Preview

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Posted · Model is messed up in Cura Preview

Hi there, 

I am trying to slice a 3D model of a cupholder I made in Sketchup Make '17.  When the model initially comes into Cura (newest version) it appears fine, but after slicing and watching the layer preview the bottom of the object has been shifted up most of the way.  Also chunks of the model appear to be missing.  This is my first time making a custom model (not one of the test models included with the printer, or a model I got from Thingiverse).  Attached is both the Gcode with the settings I was using, and the .obj file I made with Sketchup.  If you have any insight as to whats going on and how I may fix it that would be great!  Also any insight into my support structure / print settings as well, that would be very helpful.  I am brand new to 3D printing and still learning!   

JA5A5S_Suburban_Cupholder.gcode Suburban_Cupholder.obj

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