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Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?


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Posted · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

I am running 4.2.1 and have two printers configured.

Profiles update fine with one printer but when the other printer is selected, any updates made to the profiles will not be saved (although Cura thinks it has saved the changes).

I also get corruption errors and every activation of the non-updateable printer seems to generate a custom profile 'empty'. It is this profile that generates the corrupt configuration errors.

Cura does give the option of resetting but it warns that this will remove all profiles and printers and I really don't want to go through setting up everything again.

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    Posted (edited) · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

    Ok, let me try and give you a sequence of operations to reproduce the behaviour:

    Load Cura 4.2.1 on Ubuntu computer .... sorry for the long post that follows:


    Cura is configured for two different printers with one being a single extruder printer and one being a dual extruder printer

    I start Cura

    Cura starts (in this example) with the dual extruder printer active and the 'print settings' dialog open

    I change the layer height figure, the profile shows a star indicating an unsaved condition, I click on the star, I get the 'preferences' dialog , profiles sub dialog and I select 'update profile with current settings/overrides. The dialog indicates that the settings are saved (by graying out) and I close the 'preferences' dialog.

    I close Cura

    I open Cura again and verify that yes, the print settings dialog shows the changed layer height.

    BTW, Cura reports configuration errors with several profiles named 'creality_cr-10_empty, empty #2, #4 and #5 and asks me if I want to throw out all my configured profiles and printers. I dismiss the warning without resetting anything.

    I now switch the active printer from the current dual extruder version to a single extruder version.(creality cr10)

    Cura ponders life over this for a rather lengthy time and then shows the new selected printer.

    Again, the print settings dialog is open (but not on the custom profile that was last active but on the 'extra fine' canned profile

    I update the profile to one of my custom profiles, set layer height, update the profile, save the changes and Cura thinks it has saved the changes.

    I close Cura

    I open Cura

    I again get a message of configuration errors but this time the errors are for the creality cr 10 empty #2, #4,#6, #7 and #5 profiles (note that Cura is creating these empty profiles every time the creality printer is selected)

    The print settings dialog that opens up by default is one of the 'empty' profiles and not the profile that was last used.

    I select the profile that was last used but the layer height is not what was previously saved (it appears to be the settings of the 'empty' profile)


    .... and there we are .... hopefully that explains things.

    No actual models were loaded at any time.

    Let me know if you you want any log files (and let me know where to find them on a Linux box running Ubuntu)


    BTW, I didn't want to post this long song and dance if this was a known problem which is why I started with a minimum of information first.

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    Posted · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

    Ah, There seem to have been a corruption in one of the profiles, which makes it select an empty profile. After removing those "creality_cr-10_empty" profiles from the configuration (you can find them in the quality_changes folder), everything seems to work fine.

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    Posted (edited) · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

    Well,  not exactly ... 😞

    I deleted the empty profiles, started Cura and there was no error message about corrupt profiles (yeah)

    Then I changed an existing profile for the CR10 and exited Cura (crossed fingers)

    Then I opened up Cura again to find out that no, the profile had not actually updated and now I am seeing some more 'empty' profiles (crap)

    Then I decided to be stupid and deleted what seemed some odd profiles (custom_extruder_2_%232_pla_on_glass.inst.cfg as well as version 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 of the same) and closed down Cura.

    Crossed my fingers and started Cura .... oh crap !!!!!! Cura starts up and thinks it's a brand new installation ...... 😞



    restored the configuration folder from backup and ..... yeah !!!!  we are back to the errors of the corrupt profiles.

    Deleted the empty profiles, change one data item of a profile, updated the profile and find out that Cura had created another 'empty' profile.

    Deleted the empty profile, loaded a different profile, changed one data value, updated the profile to incorporate the change and again Cura created an 'empty' profile.

    So, based on what I am seeing, I would say that Cura, instead of updating the correct profile with the new data, writes an 'empty' profile. So it creates the corrupt 'empty' profile and never actually updates the profile that I tried to update.


    Edited by jens3
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    Posted · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

    I have the same problem

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    Posted · Is there an issue with multiple printers in Cura 4.2?

    I just installed 4.3 beta. I have only done a brief look at this old issue. I am very optimistic that the issues I was having seem to be resolved! THANK YOU !!!

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