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No support added for overhang

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Posted · No support added for overhang

Hi there,


I'm quite new to 3D printing and Cura, so I guess I'm missing something obvious.


I want to print the part attached and I would like the fillet to have support, but Cura does not create any. Although it shows a red indication (I think that indicates overhangs, right?), I just cannot get it to add support, especially in these areas. Also brims are not attached to the part but have a distance from it, like skirts. Do you have an idea why this might be?


The part and mesh were created with FreeCAD.


I'm very happy for any help!





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Posted · No support added for overhang

Are you printing with a single material? Or with a dual extruder with the support being the 2nd material?


If I slice it for dual printing, it produces support for the lower part of the fillet.


If I slice for single material, it shows the brim going right up to the base, but then there is a gap before the support of the central area. This is because of the x/y offset from edges.


The typical settings for support are for overhangs that are more than a 60° angle from vertical. Your fillet would only want support for 1-2 layers before the angle is less than that. Support also leaves a little space between the top of support and the bottom of the thing being supported so that it is easier to remove the support. Thus, there's not really room to print any support other than the brim.


If you dial the support angle to an absurdly low number, like 10°, then it will show a small amount of support.



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Posted · No support added for overhang



Thanks for your help, @johnse. Based on your answer I think I found my problem and possibly also a solution.


I am printing on a Mega-S, therefore I imported this Cura profile (it's in the files): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3409767


I don't remember whether it was right from the start or I had changed something, but the brim left several millimeters to the actual object. And due to the fillet, the base layer consisted of just one extruded line forming a circle (I hope it is comprehensible what I mean by this ;)), the print would not stick on this "one line". Therefore I wanted support or the brim to help keep the print on the bed.


Based on your comment, I tried with the "original" Cura profiles, et voila, that worked as I wanted it to. Just that the holes in the top seemed to be slightly smaller as in the one print that kind of worked with the thingiverse profile. Now I'm back to the thingiverse profile and edited it to remove the first layer issues, the part is currently printing and in a few minutes I will know if it works as intended. 🙂


Thank you for your explanation, that helped a lot!


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