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external wall print speed

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Posted · external wall print speed


good day


Today I encountered such a problem


External Wall Print Speed


whichever value is specified in the speed settings


cura swaps it down


for example I set the print speed of the outer wall 30 mm / s in gcode I see F = 944.6 and it should be 1800


if I put 60 mm / s the value will not change


but if I increase the wall from 20mm to 40 mm


the speed will rise from 944.6 to 2188.9 mm / m

Why does the Sura automatically reduce the speed of the outer wall depending on the length of the segment?


Is it possible to disable this feature?


Below is the GCODE for a square with a wall of 1 perimeter and a print speed of 60 mm / s

G1 F944.6 X-9.8 Y-9.8 E68.75189
G1 X9.8 Y-9.8 E69.40379
G1 X9.8 Y9.8 E70.05569
G1 X-9.8 Y9.8 E70.70759
G0 F3600 X-9.8 Y9.6
G0 X-9.4 Y9.4
G0 F600 X-9.4 Y9.4 Z0.9
G0 F3600 X-9.8 Y9.8

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Posted · external wall print speed

What is your setting for "minimum layer time"?


I'm guessing it's at 5 seconds?  Anyway try cutting that value in half and it should speed up to your desired speed.  But then consider putting the value back as you might not want to mess with this.  5 seconds should be an absolute minimum for this parameter for pla.


To save time you could print 2 parts at the same time so one can cool while the other prints and you don't have to mess with "minimum layer time".

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