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Cura does a disappearing act with file


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Posted · Cura does a disappearing act with file

Let me start off with what I was doing -


  • Making a stl file of a lithophane from 2 different sites to see which  would produce a better final product (which I thought were the same settings in the online program as  I used on the 11th)
  • Loading files into Cura 4..3.0 to have the file not watertight (never appeared after loading but the plugin to evaluate file would run)
  • Repairing stl files online with MakePrintable.com due to file size and poor cpu/gpu on laptop
  • Loading files into Cura 4.3.0 (they were watertight but still never appeared)
  • Loaded files into Slic3r with no changes and I got the top  picture below 
  • Now I am trying to print from Slic3r but I am use to (and like a lot) Cura while I try to get help with whats going on


Below are 2 files that both would not appear after loading into Cura 4.3.0 and before trying to slice.  As you can see in the bottom picture, no dimensions show up for the x, y, z but there is a shadow and you can only select the object thru the edit tab in the upper left. It would not slice even though the  option was there (slice in dark blue in the lower right). I displayed the about tab in case that was needed by anyone.  I am truly at a loss for this strange occurrence and I know I will feel a little less then when someone points out the obvious for the solution.


The last time I used Cura, was on the 11th of Oct and it loaded with no problem.  I was able to print (had minor tweaking to do to it).  I also loaded that same file from the 11th of Oct and Cura produced an image after loading.  I have been trying to do troubleshooting for a couple days, but no luck.  I think I went down the wrong path because I though it was a file setting problem. I tried 2 different sites for lithophane making - 3dp.rocks and lithophanemaker.com and got the same result. 


So I tried a different slicer (Slic3r). Well, Slic3r had no problem completing the task, I just had to figure what settings I needed  to change for a lithophane.  We will see in a few (OK, a lot) of hours worth of printing (150X150X3.5 w 20mm base with a layer height of 0.1 laid vertically). Please HELP!! 


felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stlfelicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stl


felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat_fixed.obj

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    Posted · Cura does a disappearing act with file

    when I load the file in it shows up fine.

    Things to look at are:

    does the model fit on your build plate? even if it looks so, watch out for skirt/brim settings that extend the size.

    is the model too thin? play with the line width

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    Posted · Cura does a disappearing act with file

    My bed is 220x 220x 240 the design is 150x150x20. The design is 1-3mm thick (it's a lithophane) with a base of 20. These are the exact dimensions with a difference in bases, that I always use. Nothing on the drawings have changed. My brim is 8 or 6 mm wide (can't remember). It even creates a shadow. This is all before slicing. Thanks for helping, I will try to play with the settings a little more.

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    Posted · Cura does a disappearing act with file

    So I was showing a friend what was going on and all of the sudden the file loads and out comes the lithophane....... IDK. I didn't change a thing. This one is going to drive me nuts... If it loaded on your machine, then it HAS to be in my Cura settings. I don't get that as i am just loading the file and not slicing it. Maybe its the Cura software way of processing the file and it uses some of the slicing settings...

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