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Purchase reciept? Shipping details?

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Hi there,

I ordered and paid for an Ultimaker 2 on October 23rd.

The Ultimaker website says my order is paid for and "ready" but I've recieved no official receipt, and no shpping details whatsoever.

I contacted sales initially, and was told it should ship by the end of last week, but I've still had no news.

I submitted a ticket for an update and have recieved nothing., and my most recent email to sales to follow up, has gone un answered.

I understand the lead times, and if more time is required to QC my order, then that's fine, I don't want it to be rushed, however, I need ot be informed of what's happening with my order.

Why is there no purchase reciept? an official email saying "Thanks for your order"

Customers should not be left guessing whether or not they're being ripped off.

Do I need to submit a dispute with paypal to get a refund for goods not delivered? This is what's going through my head right now.

All this anxiety could be alleviated with simple communication.

My order totals almost $3,000 AUD which is a significant amount of money, surely Ultimaker can understand that having such an amount on the line with not so much as a reciept to show for it, is going ot make people very nervous.

If someone could please, not only respond to this post, but also send me a purchase reciept, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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Are you sure your confirmation e-mail didn't just end up in your junk folder? It has happened to me with e-mails from Ultimaker. Then again, since you can log in and check your order status I wouldn't worry, obviously it has gone through ok.

Response from sales/support has been a bit sluggish lately because they have simply been swamped by the huge response to the UM2 release. According to the latest update from Sander it sounds like things are easing up (see link at the end).

Sander from Ultimaker posted an outline a while ago which shows roughly when orders will ship and he just posted some good news letting us know that shipments are going out more frequently now. Please see this thread:



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Hi braddock,

I had the same frustrations as you a see thread http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2142-poor-customer-service/ so I know what youre going trough, but if your order is marked paid and shippement ready, there should be no problems as they've accepted your payment and your order is queued, and will hopefully be dispatched as per the shipping schedule http://umforum.ultim...ad-time-update/.

I know that once I cooled down and got information on my order I realised that I had to cut the people at Ulitmaker some slack. They are a small group who are the victims of there own success and are currently swamped with orders. So here's hoping the UM2 lives up to the our expectations.


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I recieved word that my order will ship next week. I'm ok with delays if it ensures better quality control and packing, and if it means I'll have a better, hassle free experience with my U2 once I recieve it, then that's fine so long as communication is kept up.

Thank you to the Ultimaker staff that have been keeping me informed, including Sander. Looking forward to printing soon!


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