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Layer delamination - filament change

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Posted · Layer delamination - filament change

I'm 3D printing on an Ender 3 with Solutech PLA filament (1.75mm) and using an extension in Cura (4.4.0) to pause at a layer. At this point, I'm changing colors (same brand) and finishing out the print with the new color.  My problem is that the second color wants to delaminate from the original and I can essentially pull off all the new layers as a piece because it hasn't "stuck" properly to the original.  Thinking that the pause would result in the original layers to cool, I set the "standby temp" to 210.  Is there some other trick that will give me better adhesion?


Ender 3

Cura 4.4.0

Nozzle (.4mm) at 200 degrees

Glass bed at 60 degrees

Print quality .12mm

Print speed 120 mms

Print acceleration 1500 mms

Standby temperature 210 degrees


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Posted · Layer delamination - filament change

pla is sensitive to temperature, keep the bed hot while switching filaments, and raise the temperature of the new filament higher

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