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Payment Lost


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On 5th november i ordered two stepper drivers and some filament from the web side.

The payment was charged automaticaly to my debit card but i didn't received any confirmation e-mail. It was strange. After few days without news, just the same state in my acount as "balance due" i contact sales and they told me they were waiting the payment (strange cause debit card is charged instantaneity) no more news, yesterday i contact again and they told me they have no proof for the payment, even it was taked from my account at the same time i did the order.

I can not belive it. How is posible to lose one transfer?

Is the second time i ordered something from ultimaker and i hope to be the last. Booth times i have problems with something, first with the order it self now with the payment.

At least this time sales team answer fast and i have not to call 6 times by phone until i get angry. By the moment...

By now i still have not a solution even i send the bank receipt of the paymeny, the card number and everything they need, and nothing.

I don't know if i have very bad luck or you are terrible with this. I can not understand how you can lose electronic money and not take responsabilities for this. It's amazing.

First e-shop i have problems with. Amazing products but...


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    And it's not better for me. :roll:


    This morning, I asked to change one object to another of the same price. Since the command is stopped and they did not remove the old object, add jsute replacing! :eek:


    So, I ask the sales channel. They assured me that it would return in order and that the order was not blocked. Yet when I see the status is still stuck. I do not know who to believe! :oops:


    I hope it will resolve for you as for me pretty quickly. :wink:




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    Hi R4ix,

    Thank you for your post.

    There is a possibility something went wrong with your payment, that was beyond us.

    For example, it can be that your payment was put on hold to secure its safety.

    In our system I see my colleague is still in communication with you, so I trust this will be solved on a short notice.

    Thank you for your patience.

    @Geeks, I read your order has also been modified on a different topic.


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    Posted · Payment Lost

    Yes. I'm in contact with sales team, i send a receipt of the payment, reference number my bank give to me, everything. I sent it yesterday. Today i expend all the day trying to get an answer with a solution. And the fact is another day wothout a solution while i have done the payment and everything right.

    From sales they told me they are waiting an answer from finacial team because they don't find the payment, but the fact is another day waiting. Another day without solution since i did and pay the order one week ago.

    I would like to say good service, but i can't. I'm still surprised with how you manage all the problems.


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    Posted · Payment Lost

    Still no news...

    still no solutions, another week without printer, even i paid for everything. :mad:


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    Hi Raimon, thank you for your post.

    I have been in touch with my colleague and she told me your issue will be solved today.

    She has an appointment with our financial department to work on a solution in regard of your payment.

    I understand you have made your payment near a week ago, but you have only contacted us the day before yesterday about your payment. We took immediate action, and I have faith it will be solved today.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding about the situation.

    We are working on creating a new method that allows us to pro-active respond to customers when there is a problem with their payment so it will be solved right away.


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    Posted · Payment Lost

    Hi Sander! Thanks for answer.

    I wouldn'l like to seem angry or exigent but first time i ask for the order was on 7th. Two days after i order it, just asking why the order was still "balance due and how time will take to ship it and for the next time witch payment way is better or faster . This was the answer:


    Hi Raimon,




    I'm not really sure how long it will take, I think max 2-4 days. Debit cards charge instantly but PayPal only charges your account if the recipient actually receives the money. So maybe PayPal is a better option for you next time! I think it is also a bit faster.




    Thanks again for your order and have fun with it.




    With kind regards,




    So after this 2-4days (the day before yesterday) i contacted again because i have no news about it and in that moment they told me hey have no prove of the payment. first time i contact was just two days after the order. Now you told me today will be a solution. But you told me by the forum. I write again today twice to sales and still have no answer, just yours.




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    Thank you for the reply.

    Once the payment is sorted out, we can ship your order the same day, or the very next day (depending on the time of confirmation). So there won't be any further delay.

    Thank you for understanding.


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    Posted · Payment Lost

    Finally cleared and solve. Thanks.


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