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Gap between Support and Part

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I have a problem with the Support Material in Cura.

I want to print ABS filament with raft that the first layers won't warp that much.


As you can see in the picture, there is a gap between the support material and the part.




My Um² couldn't print this part, because the printed filament has noc contact to the support material and so it falls down on the support and bend up after a few layers.


Support 1

Support 2

When i use "none" for Platform adhesion type there won't be any gap.

Is this a bug in Cura? Tested it in Cura 13.06.4 is the same as in 13.11.


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I don't know much about raft at this point, but in advanced settings there is a "gap" you can set in the support material section ("Distancy X/Y (mm)". Set that to zero and compare in Cura "slice view" to see if that helps.


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I have never printed with ABS but I read a lot. Most people heat the bed up. very hot. And they create "ABS glue" by mixing some spare ABS with acetone and letting it dissolve for a few hours. Then paint the "glue" onto the glass bed. Let it "dry" and then print on that. Should stick like you wouldn't believe. You may have trouble getting it off the glass although if you let the glass cool completely, the difference in thermal expansion of the 2 materials will help quite a bit.

You can also paint on blue tape but it will destroy your tape getting the part off. You will need razor blades. You can then soak the bottom of your part in acetone for a few minutes and the tape should slide off.

Most people don't seem to use raft anymore. But I can see how it is nice as it flexes as the part shrinks and still hangs tight.


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Are you in Germany? Is "de" deutchland? Or "denmark"?


At top click your name and drop down, choose "my profile" then choose "edit my profile" and at least tell me what country you guys all live in. Thanks! If you are in USA please at least mention the State or a nearby City. Is that too much privacy violation?

Once you post your country someone may mention an easy place to get acetone that you hadn't thought of. In USA it is found at your neighborhood hardware store.


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