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Extruded Text Missing Top Layer


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Posted (edited) · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

I am using Sketchup for my 3D modeling and am trying to add some extruded text.  It's pretty straight forward but when I import the model (stl) into Cura, I don't get any type of top layer and holes are left in the text.




No matter what settings I change in Cura, I am not able to generate a top layer or fill in the entire letter.  I'm planning on painting my model and then sanding off the paint on top of the letters for contrast.  The holes in the text are clearly visible in the printed part.


Not sure if this is a Sketchup deal or Cura setting.  Sketchup returns the letter as a solid.  In Cura, I've tried different resolutions, infill percentage and overlap...but nothing changes.


Any thoughts?


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    Posted · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

    PS: This condition is not unique to letters...it was just a quick, easy example to display my results.  I do have some extruded rectangles in my actual model that show the same problem...no top layer, not filling, and holes.

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    Posted · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

    Well your "line width" parameter appears to be around 0.4 and you have it looks like a wall width of at least 1.2 (3 shells).  So you won't get any "top layer" as you call it.  You could lower the wall width to 0.4 and then you won't get any of those green shells.  Just the red outer shell and then filled in with diagonal yellow "skin".


    However there are other things you can do to improve the top.  You can use the "ironing" feature.  Or I recommend getting the burtoogle version aka MB version of Cura here which does a really good job of thin parts like your text here:



    The default settings will give you a more filled-in top layer (in real life - it's not as obvious in preview mode).


    Did you actually try printing these things?  I bet they look better in real life than they do in preview mode.


    Also know that inset letters usually come out better than letters sticking out of the part.

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    Posted · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

    Thanks for the response.  First time posting so I wasn't sure which settings would be important.  You did a great job with your assumptions.  I am using Chep's (assuming you know the name but otherwise irrelevant) Magic0.12 settings as my starting point, though I have tried with default Cura settings as well.


    I have printed my model and that is where I first realized the holes being left.  I print in white PLA, paint the model black, then sand the tops of the letters to get them white again.  Since the paint seeps into the holes/cracks, that black always appears.


    I was able to make some headway by simply reducing the wall count to 1 as you suggested.  I tried with and without ironing and it didn't seem to make much noticeable difference.  The sliced images shows a lot more of the letters filled in, but you can still see gaps at the top and bottom of the 3, bottom and middle of the 5, and top of the 2.




    And after I painted it and sanded:




    ...you can see these spots on the resulting model.  (Sorry for the picture quality.)


    I have downloaded the Cura version you suggested and will give that a try. But I'm guessing that I may need to use a smaller nozzle (.1 or .2) on my printer to reduce the line width so it can fill in those small spaces/gaps/holes... 😁


    I've attached the .stl file for reference.  If you have any ideas on other things to try, let me know.  I'll report back after I have installed and tried the other Cura version.

    5-Speed Shift Plate 2.stl

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    Posted · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

    You have a few options.  Since you are painting anyway, I recommend you just use some filler.  Bondo is a good filler.  It's meant for automotive which has both metal and plastics so that one is quite good.  Bondo filler is easy to work with. 


    The ironing feature has a lot of options and the defaults aren't the best but here are some suggestions for improving it:

    in cura check "enable ironing"

    Read only the neotko posts here - realize the early posts are in a different slicer (S3D) -he is the world expert on ironing since before it was an option in Cura - there's 3 pages of posts to read so only read the neotko posts:



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    Posted (edited) · Extruded Text Missing Top Layer

    Order some different sizes of nozzles. Change your current nozzle to size 0.2mm

    Then go:
    I bet yours is on 0.3 or 0.4.
    Problem solved.

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