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Holes in model when loading in Cura

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Posted · Holes in model when loading in Cura

Hi everyone


I'm really new to Cura and drawing 3D-models, but I finally managed to finish my drawing of Mjölnir (Thors hammer) for my thesis.


When I put the model into Cura to check how long the printing time would be, I saw a lot of red surfaces (xray and solid view) and holes (layer view) in my models.


Some help figuring out the problem would be really appreciated! Like I said, I'm really new so this could be a small thing I'm doing wrong.


I put the stl files in attachment, aswell as some pictures of my sketchup drawings.


Thanks already!




Bovenzijde hamer.stl

Onderzijde hamer.stl


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    Posted · Holes in model when loading in Cura

    SketchUp is good for visual drawings, but not so much for 3d printing, unless you know what to do.

    I think you spend a lot of time making this drawing, but I'm sorry to say that it is impossible to print in this state.

    You should take some time to learn the basics, here is a good start: https://i.materialise.com/blog/en/3d-printing-with-sketchup

    Use youtube to learn about SketchUp or use another program, like Onshape, Tinkercad, Blender, Freecad, OpenSCAD, they all have their strong and weak points, and it takes time to learn...https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=thor's+hammer+3d+drawing

    Start with an easier model, design this hammer without the graphics first, just the basic shape as a solid. It does not need to be hollow, the slicer will take care of that. The problem now is that your model is build up from too many separate parts that do not have a connection to each other.

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    Posted · Holes in model when loading in Cura

    Thanks for the respons! I did spend a lot of time making this indeed. Ill make sure to check out the website you posted in your comment!


    Before I got your answer, I made some changes to the model: I spend the night correcting the 'red surfaces' in the upper model: Every red surface is gone by now and when I put it in 'layer-mode', no holes can be seen.


    Though, I encountered a new problem: when I go through 'layer-mode', the model fills itself up when the inside should be hollow.

    Any idea how to fix that? I put the new STL file in attachments.


    Thanks already!


    Test onderkant vol.stl

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