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Posted (edited) · Wiki down?

I saw on the internet a link to an ultimaker wiki page (wiki.ultimaker.com), but it said the link will not contain some infos from 2020. To me it seems the link is down fully.


Since I am new to UM3, I have a bunch of issues, that I guess every newbie has. Searching the forums is not that efficient, I had hoped there would be some often used things that are beyond the FAQ in the wiki.

I need e.g,

 - how to set a static IP (solved now)

 - how to get a simple stop-on-filmament-empty function

 - plans to make a nice front door

 - plans to make a nice top cover

 - library of material setting per brand

 - newbies tips and tricks about stuff that is important but is not obvious. For example such as the importance to dry filmaments before use or getting bad prints.

And for my furhter steps of course: troubleshooting guides per model


Is there any other place with this kind of collected knowledge for the UM3 anywhere? I'd hate to flood the forum with the 101st question about some stuff, because I was just too stupid to find the right posts in the forum search 🙂.








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Posted · Wiki down?

Hello @Tigerbeard, welcome to the community! 

The wiki was discontinued a long time ago. Surprised you still ran into it. The forum is a great place for questions of that nature. Have you already looked at the Ultimaker Marketplace?


You can find a couple different designs here for doors and top covers. There are also several for sale. Feel free to ask for experiences / recommendation. 


As for tips to improve your 3D print quality; here is a great thread. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask. We have a lot of product knowledge here and it is nice to help others 🙂

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