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I am printing a 3D mask using PETG for the bottom layers(0-50) and then making a color change to With TPU from 50 to 100.  At the color change I would like to slow the prind speed from 50 to 20.  Can this be accomplished and if so, How?  I am not a nerd so specific details would be appreciated


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    You might have to do it manually.  A little non-nerdy grade school math says 20/50 = .4 or 40%.  At the start of the first TPU layer in the Gcode file add a line M220 S40 to run the feedrate at 40%.  At the very end of the file just before "End of Gcode" add a line M220 S100 to set the feed rate back to full.  If you don't add the end line the printer will stay at 40% until you shut it off and re-start it.


    If you're using Cura 4.7 and it's PauseAtHeight plugin you get to add M220 S40 right there in the pause at height dialog where it says "GCODE after pause".

    You can get by without the last M220 S100 so long as you don't start another print without re-booting the printer first.


    Are you sure you'll get good adhesion between the PETG and the TPU? 


    I hope that's non-nerdy enough for ya since it's from a guy that still uses a flip-phone.

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    Posted (edited) · 3D Mask

    Thanks Greg!  I actually did figure out what I wanted! (Pretty proud of myself for being an old geezer).  I found that if I enabled The Advanced feature under Setting Visability, I could see the option to "Change at Z" in the Post Processing scripts.  My goal was to print PETG to a 50% layer height, then change the filament to TPU and cut the print speed by 50%.  It did exactly as I wanted on my print last night.  I am still experiencing some stringing on the edges with the TPU at the end of the print.  So tonight I am dropping the bed temp down to 30c from 75C to see if that helps.  My son gave me this Ender 3 Pro for Fathers day and I have a big learning curve to go.  Overall I must say I am impressed with the CURA 4.7.1 update.  I am sure it will do many things that I may never use, but so far it has vastly exceeded my expectations. So far the PETG and TPU have bonded well.  Thanks Again!


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