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Printing windows from archicad model ?

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I have a model built in archicad. the window frames and glass are all modelled correctly (reality)

but that means that for example, you have a 200mm wall, then 100mm frame and maybe 5mm glass.

when i bring my model from archicad to netfabb, it comes over no problem but i can image the printer will have a heart attack trying to model a 5mm glass window at 1:200 scale ( .025 mm) hahaha

So my question is, when i have a model with 100 windows, all a little differnt, what is the best method to close them up, so i still have the outside profile but the the printer prints them solid ??

any ideas guys ?


Ian :D

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I noticed, that netfabb tends to skip elements smaller than 0.4mm width. Didn't dig too deep into that, because, that's the nozzle size and did make sense.

Nozzle size is different than positioning resolution. While the thinnest line you can make may be 0.4mm, you can position that line with far more detail than 0.4mm.

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Not trying to sell anything, but there is a Sketchup addon called CadSpan. One of the things it is supposed to be able to do it take a complex model and "shrink wrap" the outside to find the exterior of the model. Making it a solid manifold object. I've not seen this feature created in any other system. Though I'd love to see it crop up in Meshlab or something like that.

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