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The bed temperature is normally set in the UM2 material setup controls.

On the Plugin page there's a note that says.

To use with Cura 13.11.2, add the middle line in between the two others:

changeState = 0

currentSectionType = 'STARTOFFILE' (add this line)

with open(filename, "w") as f:

And change the following line:

if getValue(line, 'G', None) == 1:


if getValue(line, 'G', None) == 1 or getValue(line, 'G', None) == 0:

I've looked at the gCode and can't see any of these instructions in the code that Cura has written. Presumably this is written for the UM1 or other printer. Does that mean it won't work with the UM2.

If someone can quickly answer this it will save me some head scratching and plastic.

Thanks in advance.


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Ok, I've exported gCodes from Cura with and without this Plugin Activated and the file size is identical to the byte. So I guess it doesn't work. What a pity.


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The plugin is a ".py" or python file. The changes above refer to the python code. I don't know why someone doesn't just change the code and check in the latest version.


With older versions of Cura (13.04 and older) all moves were G1 commands. Now some moves are G1 and some are G0. For example G0 Z23.4 says to move the z axis only to 23.4mm off the bed. So the change to the python code now recognizes the new G0 commands.

Consider also trying tweakAtZ which can do much more:




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