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Posted · Active leveling issue

I just recently got the Ultimaker S3, and the filaments that I started with were PVA and PLA tough, and PLA tough was working fine. Then I switched the PVA with generic PLA. That’s when the generic PLA wasn’t adhering properly, and I made the fatal mistake of manual leveling to see if that could help. 

After the  manual leveling, I’ve been trying to make prints throughout the day, and when it does the auto leveling before it starts, it pushes the nozzle too far down towards the bed, and the left side of the bed keeps rising a little further after the right side of the table already hit the nozzle. 

I searched all day long for any possible fixes, and then fell into the rabbit hole of Googling my heart out for any suggestions. I figured that I should try to peak my head outta the rabbit hole, and see if I could get any possible fixes on here? 

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    Posted (edited) · Active leveling issue


    What you are seeing with the bed being pressed into the nozzle and the left side of the build plate still moving up abit is the normal action for the active leveling. 


    It does one print core, then swaps to the other print core and does the same action. it will then home and do the point leveling of the bed. So it's totally normal what you are seeing.


    Have a Marry Xmas.


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