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PC Crashes when using Cura

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Posted · PC Crashes when using Cura

Hi! Hoping someone can help! I have an annoying issue with my PC and has happened over the last year and a bit. When I launch Cura it Causes the PC to restart un expectidly. Basicly black screen and starts to boot back up again. I got around this issue using cura on another machine. I've recently rebuilt the PC and updated the drivers and working okay otherwise and thoguht I'd try once more.



Ryzen 7 2700x

MSI 2070 Super


EVGA 750w Gold PSU.

Corsair Vengence Pro 3200hz 32gb.

NVMe Samsung 512gb


The windows critical error is Kernal Power 41 (63)


I know others were having the same issue with AMD machines but this was last posted a year or so ago and cant see what has fixed it. I'm hoping others might have a fix by now?



Checking windows logs it gives the below


Thank you in advance!!!




- System
- Provider
      [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
      [ Guid] {331c3b3a-2005-44c2-ac5e-77220c37d6b4}
  EventID 41
  Version 8
  Level 1
  Task 63
  Opcode 0
  Keywords 0x8000400000000002
- TimeCreated
      [ SystemTime] 2021-01-02T17:37:14.7445881Z
  EventRecordID 3092
- Execution
      [ ProcessID] 4
      [ ThreadID] 8
  Channel System
  Computer DESKTOP-5QO30TJ
- Security
      [ UserID] S-1-5-18
- EventData
    BugcheckCode 0
    BugcheckParameter1 0x0
    BugcheckParameter2 0x0
    BugcheckParameter3 0x0
    BugcheckParameter4 0x0
    SleepInProgress 0
    PowerButtonTimestamp 0
    BootAppStatus 0
    Checkpoint 0
    ConnectedStandbyInProgress false
    SystemSleepTransitionsToOn 0
    CsEntryScenarioInstanceId 0
    BugcheckInfoFromEFI false
    CheckpointStatus 0
    CsEntryScenarioInstanceIdV2 0
    LongPowerButtonPressDetected false






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    Posted · PC Crashes when using Cura

    Not that this is a fix but I've tried to upgrade from 4.6.2 to 4.8 but 4.8 always crashes upon opening an STL file (fatal error). If I revert back to 4.6.2, Cura works fine.  I submitted a crash report.  I'm running Windows 10, Nvidia GeForce MX350.

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    Posted (edited) · PC Crashes when using Cura

    i'm use windows 10 and NvidiacGeForce540M


    I resolve :

    Set force_empty_shader_cache under the [view] heading to = True in cura.cfg

    Edited by Andrea6
    resolve my problem
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    Posted · PC Crashes when using Cura

    Thanks Andrea6. I just tried that, but unfortunately, it did not help.

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