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Active Leveling Routine Issue


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Posted (edited) · Active Leveling Routine Issue

I have noticed that when the S5 is starting a print, and does it's active leveling routine, it starts with a Z-height measurement for Nozzle 2, then repeats this for Nozzle 1.  What I am concerned with is that it does both of these at the exact same spot on the printbed.  While I get they should be done very close to the same location, I have had some issues with prints and I think this may be the culprit.

I have been having issues with UM Breakaway material not sticking to the glass very well.  As I use a nano-polymer adhesive on the glass, it is not really an adhesion issue.  Its as if the Breakaway material (in Nozzle 2) is not getting printed close enough to the glass.  It looks stringy on the first layer, and successive lines are not touching.  This results in several issues, including the support material moving around during the print, and sticking to the material printed above it.  All of this, I have come to realize, is because the support material seems to be printer "higher" than the same build material layers (you can literally see it sticking up above the regular material. 

After many attempts to figure out what is going on, I noticed that some times during the active leveling process, the Breakaway material is slightly oozing from the nozzle when it does the Z-height measurement.  Since the Nozzle 1 measure is repeated on the exact same spot, it is sensing that little glob left on the glass from Nozzle 2, and inserting an artificial off-set to Nozzle 2's Z-height.  Thus my Nozzle 2 material is printed too high, even on the first layer.  That is the only explanation I can come up with.  My workaround has be to be standing by when it does this step of the process with my putty knife.  I "wipe" Nozzle 2 just before it does its measurement.  Then, while the machine is switching to Nozzle 1, I do a quick cleaning of the spot on the glass.  When I do this, it prints just fine.  The first layer of the Breakaway sticks to the glass nicely, with adjacent lines touching as they should.

Can you update the Active Leveling Routine to have a slight offset in the locations that the two nozzles do their Z-height measurement?  Even a couple of mm would prevent this from happening.

And I have two S5 Pro-Bundles.  Both do this intermittently.  Sometimes it oozes, others times it doesn't.  And this is all for the same print file, just duplicated from Cura Connect.  I just happening to reprinting the same, large (3 day, 950g) print job over and over.  It is a real pain to try to remove Breakaway that is bonded to the CPE material inside a cavity...

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