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Hello from Ireland

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Hi Guys

My name is Porter, im a product and footwear designer based in ireland. i am also the proud owner of an Ultimaker 2 which i just received a couple of days ago. Have been using industrial standard printers for rapid prototyping for a while now but the benefits and quality of desktop printing has really caught my eye, so as a lover of all things techy and makey i had to jump straight in.

I did a lot of research into 3d printing and what really sold me on Ultimaker was its community which i am now proud to be a part of, so as the saying goes imagine it make it.




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Good morning Porter...

welcome to the very happy ultimaker family :-)

Its great to hear that there is one more ultimaker 2 wizzing around Ireland producing amazing prints :-)

Can I ask are your Irish living in Ireland or another nationality ?.. Porter is not the most common first name in Ireland..

Where are you actually located in Ireland ?.... :-)

Best wishes.

Ian :-)


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Hi Porter and everyone,

Like Porter I've just received my UM2 a couple of days ago, and am located in Ireland, so Hello!. However I'm on the other side of the country, in Waterford.

Glad to see that there are a couple of machines on the island.

Let me just say What a machine!

First impressions.

Opened the box late at night (normally, not a good idea when setting up a machine you are unfamilar with)

Unpacking, reading the manual and setup took about 45 min

First print was unsuccessful, due to bad build platform leveling, my fault. Aborted it immediately.

Adjusted the platform again ... (5 min)

2nd print attempt sucess!

This machine is amazing, less then an hour set up by a complete novice and I was away printing. Astounding!

Thanks Ultimaker,



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sounds good guys...

all we need now is to show off our stuff here on the forum !

Show that the irish can do a little more than simply tell tales and drink down a Guinness in less than 7 seconds !!

Ian ;-)


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