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Cura and bed settings for colido 3d 2.0 plus


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Posted · Cura and bed settings for colido 3d 2.0 plus

Hi all I'm new to the whole 3d printer world but I'm picking it up slowly.

I've perfected my prints but I'm struggling with the settings for the bed position


My size seems OK but position is incorrect.


The settings fo x min and y min can only be set to zero or a  minus value it won't allow a positive value


I've changed these settings to loads of different things yet it still prints in the same position on the bed any help would be fantastic. 





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    Posted (edited) · Cura and bed settings for colido 3d 2.0 plus

    OK.  Here we go.  Virtual vs Real vs Useable

    Over there is a computer with Cura loaded.  When you tell Cura the "Useable" build plate size in Machine Settings then Cura sets it's virtual build plate to that size.  X0 Y0 is exactly at the left front corner (assuming it is not a Center Origin machine).  

    On the other side of the room is a 3d printer.  Neither the printer nor Cura know where the build plate is.

    When you Auto-Home the printer it goes to the switches.  The printer now knows where the print head is.  You need to tell it where the build plate is.

    When you set the Home Offsets you are telling the printer where a certain X and Y will be over the build plate.  When you level the bed (set the Z gap) you are telling the printer where Z is.  So now the printer has a second X0 Y0 Z0 that it uses to locate the virtual build plate from Cura gcode.  The gcode 0,0,0 will be related to the Home Offset 0,0,0 and the print will show up on the bed and it will be centered.


    "Useable Area"

    The bed has areas that shouldn't be used.  My plate is physically 235 x 235 but it has a 1mm bevel all around.  Now it's 233 x 233.  I add another 1.5mm all around as a safety and that makes my "Useable Area" 230 x 230 with a border of 2.5mm all around.

    So I use the LCD button and move my nozzle to a point 2.5mm in from the left edge and 2.5mm in from the front edge (my border dimensions) and at a Z of 0 and set the Home Offset at that location.  This is where the 0,0,0 of a gcode file will be placed.  I set my build plate X and Y size in Cura to 230 x 230 since that is all I want to use so it is my Useable Area.

    The X and Y coordinates of the Absolute 0,0,0 have now been altered.  When I Auto-Home - the LCD shows the location of the Auto-Home position as measured from the Home Offset 0,0,0.  That's why there are often negative values when at the Auto-Home location.  If you were to have X10 Y10 Z10 as the Home Offset then the print would shift 10mm to the left and 10mm towards the operator and be 10mm below the build plate.  Not good.  If the Home Offsets were X-5 Y-5 Z-5 then the print would shift 5mm to the right and 5mm away from the operator and would print 5mm above the build plate.

    I hope some of that makes sense.

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    Posted · Cura and bed settings for colido 3d 2.0 plus

    Hi thanks for the reply 


    I believe my bed size is correct I've attached pictures I've also measured it to make sure that its only going to cover the area i feel ok with it printing on .


    I don't really understand if I'm honest.  if I change the x min and y min surely this should change its location where it prints but it doesn't. I can only apply a minus value in the x min and y min.


    ive tried to find a diagram to show what i should measure for each requirement but cant seem to find anything


    is there any step by step guides for this kind of thing it will most probably be the simplest of things but this really isnt my field of expertise so a step by step would be the best thing to sort it

    3d printer settings.PNG

    extruder settings 3d printer.PNG

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    Posted (edited) · Cura and bed settings for colido 3d 2.0 plus

    The Xmin and Ymin are print head settings.  They are used when printing One at a Time so Cura knows where the crash points are around the nozzle.  In those settings the zero is the centerline of the nozzle.  Gantry height is the distance from the build plate to the x beam that the print head travels on.  Don't worry about those right now as they aren't involved.


    On the left side of that dialog under Printer / Printer Settings you have the "X (Width)" as 220 and "Y (Depth)" as 120.  If that is the measurement of your build plate that's fine.


    Auto-Home the print head.  Where is the nozzle in relation to the left front corner of the build plate?  Use the LCD Movement controls and move the nozzle until it is directly over the left front corner and at a Z of 0.  Then find "set home offset" on the LCD menu and click it.  Then find "Save Settings" on the LCD and click it.  When the machine auto-homes it will go to the switches.  When you tell it to go to 0,0,0 it will go to the left front corner.

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