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Cura feels.... bad. Used to be better somehow?


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Posted · Cura feels.... bad. Used to be better somehow?

Disclaimer: If someone can help me and I am actually being an idiot, I will definitely take the help. But I am mainly going to complain like a baby below for the sake of venting.

Each new version of Cura has lots of updates and fixes and yet, in my experience, it has been getting worse and worse.

I have posted only a few times but a while ago I began having problems with the extrusion rates of my machines. 
No hardware had changed but I was getting underextrusion across every one of my UM2+. It was at least consistent, but confusing as to why it started.
Not going to get into the full extent of everything I tried to fix it; but in short, I bought plenty of new replacement hardware and even a whole new set of mainboards for 3 printers. 
Finally I found that increasing the flow rate by about 15-25% for some of the line types seemed to fix it. 
This is just such a messy way to do something that shouldnt have even needed to be changed in the first place.

More recently, I found that the Spiralize Outer Contour option seems to be broken entirely. No matter what options you turn on or turn off, the printer will print the outer contour but it will print it layer by layer. I know its not a priority option, but its still very frustrating. And again, I did read many posts and topics in these forums to see what others were saying, and I tried many of the possible solutions.

I love my Ultimaker printers TO DEATH, but Cura really seems to be ruining my experience. 
These machines are used for work and I need my settings to work consistently. 
Its puzzling that settings seem to just magically change in each new version of Cura which ruin how my several thousand dollar machines work.
Its kind of starting to feel like a planned obsolescence type deal in order to make me buy new machines. Though I don't want to indulge in that sort of conspiracy nonsense.
Getting new machines at work is an option since they are several years old. But why would I do that if my machines can still work perfectly fine?

Ive used Simplify3d in the past and I don't really like it very much.

I used it again recently though, and I hardly had to do a thing and my machines were working perfectly. Further making me want to distance myself from Cura.

I WANT to use Cura. I LOVE Cura. But my company pays me too much to spend as much time as I have on all this. Especially since a really easy solution seems to be "use S3D." 
People always seem to feel that Cura is supposed to be like Apple where 'it just works'. Especially for machines that are literally made by the same company. Its just frustrating to spend so much time troubleshooting on a platform that's claim to fame is to save users from doing just that.

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    Posted · Cura feels.... bad. Used to be better somehow?

    If the UM2+ suffers from underextrusion you should probably replace the teflon inset.

    As far as the spiralize, we've not gotten any reports that it was broken. Could you share a project file that exhibits the problem?

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