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Please help me interpret the test print that Cura bed leveling wizard made

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A few days ago I assembled an Ultimaker Original and successfully made a few prints.

However, I'm not quite sure how to interpret the test print that the bed leveling wizard made. I think the bed is leveled well enough (bottom of my printed objects looks fine) but the printed lines do not run parallel to the sides of the printing bed as I expected.

IMG 3048

IMG 3051

Is this caused by a misalignment of the pulleys? How is the test print supposed to look?

Furthermore, I'm confused that there's a 2 cm offset to the right. Is this normal? I don't know how to access the GCode of the test print so I don't know where the lines are supposed to be.

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the print results. This robot is printed with the default Cura quick print profile for normal quality print. (PLA 220°C)

IMG 3068

(Except for the ears but this might be due to opening a window. it's currently 0°C outside.)


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I'm pretty sure we've all done this at least once... but your platform just needs to be rotated 180 degrees. Big holes on the keyhole on the right.


As long as it's level though, you should be fine, unless you're printing really big objects.

The print looks like it's a tad hot. I would lower the temperature a bit and maybe slow it down a touch too. Learn to use the full settings, things start improving dramatically.


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Welcome, Cez! As Valcrow says... if you rotate the bed 180 degrees it will line up better with the center - but it doesn't really matter either way. Most of your test pattern looks pretty good - fairly evenly laid down. The bottom right is a bit questionable, but its probably because you went off the edge of the tape. (I strongly recommend that you get some wider tape, btw - makes it much easier to replace the tape, gives a better finish on the bottom of prints, and helps to resist warping forces as the prints cool which might otherwise pull the tape off the bed, and give prints a curved bottom.

The alignment probably isn't a big deal - may be that the bed isn't quite centered on its sprung screws quite right, or something in the frame is slightly twisted. But it doesn't look bad, and all that really matters is that your prints come out right. If the corners of the test square are true right angles - and square prints come out square - then its nothing to worry about. (The top of my UM2 is massively off-square, and I'm getting stunning prints with that).


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Oh, I didn't realize there was a difference in the orientation of the bed. Well, that's one error that's quickly fixed!

Thank you both for your valuable comments. I feel much better knowing that it's only important that the angles are square (which they are). Time to stop tinkering and learn about the software settings! I'll also try some wider painter's tape.


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