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Ulticontroller manual Z axis, extruder controls??

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Am I missing something or do I need to look further?

Where are the Ulticontroller manual controls for the Z axis and extruder. I looked thru the menus thoroughly and I cannot find them. Are they there?

If not, I am sorely disappointed. A manual control should include all functions if possible. My process for starting a print includes moving the platform down a bit, manually priming then start. I can live w/o the extruder function, but really need the Z function.

Is there a way for users to add macros to the UC?

Any chance of getting these control functions added in?

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So many questions! Maybe I answer just one?

MAINTENANCE, ADVANCED menu, "lower buildplate". I know it goes all the way but should be fine for your needs.

MAINTENANCE, ADVANCED "move material" to extrude. It shows you the temp and unfortunately when you leave this menu it sets temp back to 0C for the head. I don't like that myself.

In my experience you don't have to do any of this. I can print 2 things in a row with a day or less in between and don't have to prime anymore. I *do* have to grab the priming filament and pull it to the side as it heads to start the print.

It is important to use brim *or* Skirt in case the initial prime isn't enough.

FEEL THE FORCE, LUKE! Go with it. I know going from UM1, to UM2 feels like you have no control. Just go with it and eventually I think you will like it.


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I think Matt is asking about the UM1, not the UM2...

On the UM1, the controls are there but for the extruder and z-axis, you need to be in the 0.1mm or 1mm areas, not the 10mm-at-a-time menu.

That said, I don't recommend advancing the filament using the ulticontroller... it's likely to move the filament faster than the extruder can handle, and the back-pressure may cause problems. Far simpler and easier to just grab the extruder gear and turn it.

Also, it would be a lot simpler to just define your own custom start g-code to do what you want, rather than go through a manual rigmarole each time.


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Thanks gr5. I didnt specify that im using the UM1. Not sure if that changes your answers. Sorry for so many ?'s, a bit fustrated with my new UC install right now. Its functionally good, but leads a bit to be desired in execution.

Where does the UC code reside if one wanted to revise it?

I get the urge to adapt, but the process I am used to works well for me. I almost never need brim and only twice around with a skirt is usually enough.

Another observation. Part of the reason I added the UC was to get away from having a computer dedicated for printing. I dont need the PC, but I still need the 5v that comes with the USB connection. What are others doing to get 5v w/o having a pc right there?



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The very oldest electronics needed a jumper added to get the UC powered from the printer power supply iirc. But anything newer than about 18 months should work just fine without needing a computer attached.

The UC displays and operational logic are all part of the Marlin firmware. It doesn't have any smarts of its own, it just displays messages that come from the firmware, and relays signals back to the main board. So if you want to change things, it's all in the Marlin source code.


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You *can* edit the Ulticontroller firmware (Marlin) pretty easily and especially changing the menu systems around is quite easy.

Here's my standard blurb on building marlin:

First get the source code files here:


Then edit Configuration.h – this is by far the hardest step and it's not bad. I recommend you go here:


and use that website only to get the Configuration.h file. Then run winmerge or some other diff program to compare the latest ErikZalm version of Configuration.h to the one from robotfuzz which is usually a few months behind. Edit the ErikZalm version to match the robotfuzz generated version. Make any other edits as necessary. It sound complicated but it is extremely clear and well commented. Sometimes with paragraphs of explanation.

configuration.h file detailed explanation:


Then you need to build Marlin. There are instructions that come with the erik zalm download in the "README.md" text file.

Basically you download and install arduino ide:


Then copy the sanguino software as explained in README file. Open Marlin.ino file in Arduino IDE by double clicking it (not pde file as stated in README - I think that's old). Select board as "Mega 2560" as explained in README file. Go to "file" "preferences" and select "verbose output" so you can find your hex file. Then build it by clicking the check box in the upper left corner. At the bottom you will see it compiling Marlin. At the end of this it says where the hex file is. If you are currently connected to your UM through USB you can just click "file" "upload" and you are done! But you should locate that hex file and save it somewhere along with the Configuration.h file used to create it so you can recreate the same version with maybe one change. Also you can upload the hex file using Cura.

Alternatively you can build Marlin with somewhat more detailed step by step instructions the command line way (which I don't prefer):




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That's a great write up gr5. I will use it. I had to edit the configuration.h file when I installed my heated bed. I was just browsing around the Marlin files that I downloaded a couple days ago. I found the files that pertain to the UC. Looking at the codes, it looks like there are "move Z" lines in there. Maybe they are commented out elsewhere or something.

I did get the jumper installed tonight. I fouled up the solder pad for Vin so I soldered instead to the next point on the trace which happened to be the pin header connecting to the arduino. It is now self powered.

Thanks to both of you!



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Resurecting my old thread...

For starters, my UC and UM1 are working well with thanks to the above advice, and building a custom firmware from Marlin source, the robotfuzz builder, as well as winmerge. I have a good handle on basic changes per the comments in Marlin.

I still want to add a couple commands to the UC regarding moving thz Z with the UC menu.

I have spent some time poking around the Marlin configuration files without success. I figured I could locate the similar commands to X & Y that I want to emulate and copy those with some edits. So I am not sure I am looking in the right places.

I am a bit confused about the names and terminolgy that pertain to the UC. For instance, how do the following relate to each other?; ULTIPANEL, ULTRA_LCD, NEWPANEL, and how do they relate to the UC?

Maybe someone very familiar in these areas could direct me more specifically to the files and places within) that need editing to do what I trying to do.

All help is always appreciated.


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At first I tried to move the Z with:

PrepareMove Axis10mm selections

Because there was no option there to move Z, I assumed it was not available in the other distance selections.

Prompted by Illumintarti's last post, I tried the other menu selections: PrepareMove Axis1mm & 0.1mm

There is exactly what I was looking for. I was blinded by my own assumptions. I was trying to add function where it already existed.



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