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UM3 Not accepting new jobs!


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Posted · UM3 Not accepting new jobs!

Turned on my UM3 and updated to Firmware 5.3

Spent the next couple of days trying to troubleshoot a nozzle offset issue (Another bag worms I'll get to, if I can get the printer to respond)

After a few hours of "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat".... the printer no longer responded to "Print over Network" command.

Cura gave the "successfully sent to the printer" message but nothing showed up in the queue and the printer didn't budge!


I was on my home wifi so I decided to hardwire into the router.

Made the necessary changes to give a new IP and reconnected through Cura.

That allowed me to continue "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat" for a few hours..... and then the same thing happened.

The "Print over Network" command stopped registering.

Again, Cura gave the "successfully sent" message but nothing in the queue and the printer didn't budge.



I was more concerned with the nozzle issue so I started saving the gcode to a flash drive and printing from there.

I continued the "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat" cycle .... until the printer started being picky about the jobs it would start.



I saved gcode to the flash drive called "1LayerAA.gcode", and "2LayerBB.gcode"

From the printer menu I'd select "1LayerAA.gcode" and it would start printing.

But if I tried to select "2LayerBB.gcode" the screen would go to the "Printing"  screen for half a second and then return to the main menu.


After a few of these go arounds, I decided to delete all the files from my flash drive and generate new gcodes.

Now it wont print anything! It always goes to Printing X.gcode screen for a split second then out to the main menu.


In the Ultimaker "Digital factory" I can see the printer and it's print jobs queue (empty) AND I can even select "Identify Printer" and my UM3 will flash it's lights and blink!


I downgraded to 5.2.16 through the printer (Maintenance - Update Firmware - Test Version)

Still no response to print jobs.


I RE-upgraded back to 5.3 through the printer.

After it was done installing it stayed on a blank (black) screen but it was connected to the network because I could see it through Cura and "Digital Factory" AND I could Identify it!


I turned off the power.

Disconnected the IEC power cable from the power supply for ten minutes. (Read somewhere something about that)


Powered UM3 back up.

Still nothing......


Is this Hardware, Firmware,or Software?!?



Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    Posted · UM3 Not accepting new jobs!

    This is weird, you describe different types of problems that I've never seen before in this combination.
    First try to get your printer to display again by running the recovery process described in this thread.


    Then, when you run into printing problems again, could you dump the log files to usb and send them to me in a private message (click my avatar and on top of my pesonal screen is a 'message' button). Dumping the log files can be found in the system/diagnostics menu.

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    Posted · UM3 Not accepting new jobs!

    Sorry, after the last power up I wrote "Still Nothing..." but the screen did actually come back on.

    I just meant the printer was still unresponsive to new jobs.


    I left the printer off (and IEC unplugged) since last night.

    I just turned it on and have the "Print Failed. Please remove..." screen  (That's different)


    Gave it one more try to print a file from the flash drive. No luck.

    Sending you the logs....


    Thanks for taking a look.


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    Posted · UM3 Not accepting new jobs!

    Going to post this here in case anyone searches and has a similar problem

    Thank you again CarloK



    The G-Code flavor was set to "Makerbot"!

    Don't know how.


    Changed it back to Griffin.

    ....and it's printing again!


    The network connectivity AND the nozzle(?) issues I was having are also gone!


    Originally.....The skirt would print fine but when the head moved over to print the model the Z Offset would be ZERO (or very close to it) so that no filament would make it out of the nozzle and just leave a smeary first layer.


    I started adjusting print settings. (eg, Initial Line width, z offset, layer flow, etc)

    But the issue persisted. (adjust settings/print/first layer fail/repeat)


    So I downloaded PrusaSlicer.

    During setup it asks what flavor gcode I want for the printer.

    I went to Cura - Machine Settings and saw "Griffin"!

    That's the only time I opened that screen.

    To my knowledge I didn't change anything! 😕


    When I saw that PrusaSlicer didn't have "Griffin" as an option I went back to  troubleshooting with Cura.


    That's when the network issues started... and then files stopped responding randomly!


    But now, it seems to have all been resolved.


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