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Tuning Ultimaker S5 Printing


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Posted · Tuning Ultimaker S5 Printing

I have the UMS5 Pro Bundle, and my prints have been somewhat.. average.  I'm certain I'm doing something wrong but I could us pointers on how to refine my settings.


First off, this is what I'm seeing in my prints:


- On one corner I get a bit of failure on bed adhesion:




- And in general I get a bunch of stratification in the layers: 




I'm printing using the default 'Fast' settings for PLA with a Z-offset of 0.15 (anything else would smash into the bed it seems and leave bald spots in places).


I am using an aluminum sheet with coating on top of it so I can lift it off and take off my prints easier than scraping.


I'm curious if anyone has pointers (or a set of guided tutorials with test prints?) I can try to see what's going wrong with my printer.  I realize this is the 'fast' setting but tests I've done with 'fine' and 'normal' had similar problems - I'd like to improve these prints if I can.






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    Posted · Tuning Ultimaker S5 Printing

    For me it is strange that you need a Z-offset of 0.15 and could cause the problem you see. With such an offset you get automatically a lower bed adhesion. 


    You plate, is it a Filafarm switch plate? I am using one on my S3 and have no problems with it and don't need to set a Z-offset for it.


    But it could be, that you plate with the coating is not 100% flat. With a bed size of an S5 it is hard for such tools to get a flat surface over the whole area. So I would test it with the original setup, glass with a some PVA glue and see if is better.

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    Posted · Tuning Ultimaker S5 Printing

    And also these switch plates, need some cleaning from time to time. It depends on your brand, some needs a wipe with alcohol, others needs to be refreshed with some fine sanding paper.


    If you have some finger grease in this spot it could also decrease the adhesion. 

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    Posted · Tuning Ultimaker S5 Printing

    Thanks for the feedback.  Maybe I'll retry it with a 0 bed height and see.  Mostly it's flat except for that one corner, and if I lower things I get bald spots in other prints. :/


    FWIW the flex plate I'm using is this guy from printed solid: https://www.printedsolid.com/products/flexplate-system-for-ultimaker-s5?_pos=7&_sid=67d00e231&_ss=r  and it's pretty great.


    I'm more concerned with the 'pilling' and quality of the walls.  Everything seems pretty 'hairy' and I'm told other ultimakers don't have this issue.  Do you have any idea what it could be?



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