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Any color you like, as long as it's black... - solved

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I've just installed Cura 14.01 on an XP SP3 host with a view to learning it before my recently ordered "Ultimaker 2" arrives.

When I load the example robot model the background platform is rendered ok (except no "Ultimaker" logo in background), but the robot itself is completely black - all I see is a sillhouette. Surely that's not the way it's meant to be? The manual shows the robot in yellow and has visible detail too (I assume this is the color set in model preferences).

I was going to upload a picture, but I don't see a direct picture attachment button here (I don't use a data service so I can't use the URL option).

I'm guessing the software is making unknown assumptions about DirectX version or shading support. When I run the dxdiag Direct3D test I pass the test for DirectX 7,8 and 9. DirectX10+ is Vista and later only, I assume that's not required since XP support is claimed.

I see nothing in the Cura manual, system requirements section, about what kind of graphics support is needed. I see no troubleshooting section. I don't see anything appropriate in the Cura settings either.

Suggestions anyone?


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Cura is using OpenGL. You might need to make sure the latest version of DirectX and your videocard drivers are installed.

Specificly, it's using OpenGL Shaders to render the 3D model, and it seems that goes wrong. Cura actually checks if shaders are supported on your hardware before it uses them. So your videocard drivers are reporting that they have shaders, but after that they do not work. Indicating a problem with the drivers.


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Good call. I found updated drivers for my chipset on the Intel graphics site, installed them, and everything is fine now. The robot is in yellow, and the "Ultimaker 2" logo is visible in the background. I was a bit wary about replacing OEM drivers with generic Intel ones, but it worked out well (I had an Acronis backup to revert to if it failed).

Thanks for your help.


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