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Printing temperature setting error

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Posted · Printing temperature setting error

Hi everyone, im kinda new in all what refers to 3d printing. We own a Hellbot Magna 2 230 printer, and i'm having issues with the printing temperature. 


Sometimes, to save time, I click on pre heat options (usually set up at 200º for extruder and 60º for the bed) so temperature starts to increase correctly. Then, I go back to preview screen and click on the buttond that sends the job to the printer.


The problem is the following: When the job is kinda heavy it takes 1 or 2 minutes to import. In that period of time, the temperature settings keeps rising up and cura doesnt cut it off, so it doesnt stop at 200º or 60º as it is supposed to and when the job finally gets imported to the printer, an error 2 appears on the printer lcd screen: refered to a temperature level higher than the firmware can support (source: manufacturer website). By then, cura screen on my PC marks as up to 270ºC on the extruder or 100º on the bed.

The only way to fix it up is flashing the printer firmware again.


Is this some kind of bug, or I'm not supposed to pre heat and import at the same time to avoid this? I mean, should I wait for the pre heat to complete and then send the job to the printer?


Hope you guys could help me out. Greetings from Argentina.

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    Posted · Printing temperature setting error

    A pre-heat command would be the same as the command found in the gcode.  M104 S200 will heat the hot end to 200.  M109 S200 will heat the hot end to 200 but keep the printer from processing anymore gcode until the temperature has been met.  M140 and M190 work similarly for the bed temperature.  The only difference is that a pre-heat command comes from the LCD rather than from a gcode file.  If your LCD tells the printer to heat the hot end but doesn't provide a set point value (the "S" parameter in the temperature codes) then there will be problems as that is by definition a thermal runaway.


    If you tell the printer to pre-heat to 200 then that is where it should end up.  The printer should sit on that temperature forever unless it is told something different.  When the gcode starts to be read by the printer one of the first few lines that come in will be temperature lines for the bed and hot end.  Those lines will tell the printer to heat to the "Initial Print Temperature" and the "Initial Bed Temperature" that you have set in Cura.  There is no Gcode command for "just keep on heating until you blow up".  There is always the "S" parameter or the command is ignored.


    If your printer is continuing to heat to 270 after being told to heat to 200 then something told it to do so, or something is broken, or maybe something is in °F instead of the usual °C and the printer is headed to 392°F.

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    Posted · Printing temperature setting error

    Sorry for the late answer. Then, I guess there's something broken.


    For example, this just happened: I clicked on pre-heat, waited a bit and then I clicked on "send job to the printer"

    The nozzle temperature reached the 230ºC correctly and there it stoped, but the bed didn't reach the 60ºC. So, in the time cura was "exporting" the bed temperature kept rising up, and when the job finally got imported to the printer the bed temperature reached up 71ºC.. It didn't cut it off automatically at 60ºC. 


    Again, the only way I found to avoid this, is to wait until both temperatures get to the setted temperature, wait for cura to export the job, and then wait for a bit for the printer to reach both temperatures again (because now it does the inverted job, temperature decreases when cura is exporting to the printer)


    I will keep doing it that way to avoid any possible hardware problem because of any excessive temperature.

    Captura de pantalla (65).png

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    Posted · Printing temperature setting error

    There is a chance that you already have a hardware problem.  If the thermistors for the bed and/or hot end have gotten "iffy" then they may not be sending the correct signal to the mainboard.

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