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How to get cura's time estimates closer to reality?


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Posted (edited) · How to get cura's time estimates closer to reality?

I've tried asking this on reddit, but not much came out of it. I thought I'll try my luck here.

I've got an advice to install "printer settings" extension, which I did and set up, however it did not seem to fix anything.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.  But what?


Here's is the original post below.

I've always been aware of a bit of a discrepancy in the estimate vs real time, and I can put up with it as long as it's not too bad. Eg ~30 minutes off on a 5-hr print I can live with.

However, it seems since I've upgraded my Ender-6 with a Biqu H2 and started building up speed, things have gotten a lot worse.

Latest one is an articulated snake, printing at 100mm/s walls & 150 infill; this was estimated to complete in 5:28 - took 2:56.

That's massive. 3 hrs vs 5:30 ! That's 50% extra estimated on top of the time.

Is there anything I don't know of? Is there anything that can be done to improve these estimates?

Interesting that putting the gcode file into https://gcode.ws/ results in an estimate of 2:28:49 - while this is under by half an hour, it's still a lot closer.



And I've got a new one, since.
A test cylinder, a very simple thing, the project is attached.  Estimates 4:22 and takes 1:04. 

gcode.ws estimates 1:27.

I've attached the project for this.


Can someone please shed light on how to set up Cura to provide estimates a bit closer to reality?




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    Posted · How to get cura's time estimates closer to reality?

    In this case it appears to be something in the Settings Profile but I'm unable to find it.  Simply opening your 3mf file and slicing it I get a print time of 4:47.

    Just switching to the Standard Settings profile (with infill adjusted to be the same as your settings) the print time drops to 3:09.  Switching the infill to Grid results in a print time of 1:54.

    So maybe something is going on with that settings profile, or maybe with the Creality Ender 6 definition or the Creality Quality files?

    As an experiment - try using a stock profile like Standard/Draft with 20% Grid infill and see if it makes a difference.


    The Grid infill results in a few lines of gcode.  The Gyroid infill results in a bazillion lines of gcode because of all the curves.  Part of what is going on may be a cumulative error when Cura attempts to add up the print times for all those short line segments.  I have no idea if that may be true or not but in this case we can see that Grid v Gyroid makes a big difference.


    This topic comes up a lot.  For myself, the Cura estimated time versus the real print time is consistently within 12% of each other and Cura always over-estimates.


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    Posted · How to get cura's time estimates closer to reality?

    Thanks for looking at this.


    I've now created a new profile, just copied the speed and accel settings into it, tried a few things and yes, they are indeed a lot more accurate now.   Nearly spot on.


    Very interesting.


    I'll simply on from this new profile.

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