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I need Help with my design

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Posted · I need Help with my design

So I am trying to print this file and every time I come back to the print its most string and I have tried a lot of times. When I print something else on my printer it comes out fine so It has to do with the settings in this model. What settings should I make it so its Strong and slightly flexible and prints out like the model should. If you can slice it for me or tell me the settings to fix  I would be so happy : D 

Napkin handle.stl

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    Posted · I need Help with my design

    I don't know how experienced you are but first - you want to enable the "Custom" settings, and then, next to the Settings Search box is a button with 3 lines on it.  It's the Settings Visibility tool.  Click on it and set visibility to "All".


    The problem with printing cylindrical objects that are laying on the bed is that the part has no "footprint".  There are just a couple of lines on the bed that have to provide stiction and support for the layers that follow.  Without a brim it is kind of easy to break loose and just move around the bed with the nozzle.  I'm guessing that's what's happening when you print it.

    Here is your model using a skirt for bed adhesion.  This would be a problem to print.  Another problem is that the 2nd layer overhangs too far and will fall to the bed.  It needs support, but there is no room for support and so the first two or three layers would not have the correct shape.



    Here it is with a brim.  This is better, but the brim will be harder to remove than normal because the second layer will droop down and also bond to the brim.




    Here I've moved the model 1mm off the bed and turned on support with 0.5mm horizontal expansion on both the support and the support interface.  The support interface is at 60% density.  This will work, but it will leave marks when you remove the support structure from the print.



    PLA is brittle.  PETG would be a better choice if you want it to be flexible.

    All-in-all that's a pretty tough model to print.


    And no...I don't do other peoples homework.  It can stunt their ability to learn.

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    Posted · I need Help with my design

    I have been using Cura for a couple of months now and yes I have tried using brim and I do have custom settings on to best suite my printer. 

    Did you just use normal supports? 


    Thanks so much for this response. 

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    Posted · I need Help with my design

    I am not new to Cura but I am new to having a ultimaker account I made one so I could ask things on forums 

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    Posted · I need Help with my design

    Yes, regular ole' support with .5 horizontal expansion and grid Support Interface also with .5 horizontal expansion.

    The expansion allows for a wider base for the part to rest on.

    The Support Interface Density at 60% will give a smoother base for the print to rest on.


    Like I said above - That isn't an easy part for the first 5 or 6 layers.  Above that it should go well.


    If you are having trouble with build plate adhesion then that is a different deal.  That needs to be addressed separate from printing that model.  I'm confident that I could print that with a skirt without loosing traction on the bed (but it would probably look bad on the bed side).

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