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UM² Clicking noises

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Hey guys,

my Ultimaker 2 came yesterday and at first sight I was not very convinced about the quality, because it looked like that it had been manufactured in a very fast matter.

It is a tool, but at least it should be somehow "clean". The holes of the spool holder had black color parts or whatever hanging around them etc.

The reason for this thread is another one.

I had printed out two things and at the middle of my third print the UM² began to click.

See and listen:


I don't know where it comes from and it is annoying to not knowing that. It's the middle of the night and I am searching the web for solutions or people having the same problem.

I try to find strange looking things and the only one so far is that there are only three screws under my build plate.



Thanks a lot in advance guys.



These might be some hints:

It seems that as if it is louder when the build plate is at the highest point and the extruder is working on a wider field.

The clicking is also louder when the extruder is working on the first half of the build plate (1st half = the side of the spool holder etc.)


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Almost certainly related to either X or Y axis but not both.

I recommend you download and install pronterface:



Connect your computer to the UM2 using USB cable. Now you have very simple, very easy way to control things more precisely. Command the X axis to move 100mm back and forth. Repeat with Y axis. See if one axis makes the sound.

I'm going to guess maybe the belts are riding up on the edge of the pulleys and then snapping back down. It happens so fast it is invisible. The fix is to line up the black blocks with the pulleys. Or maybe it's something different.


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Regarding the missing screws, maybe it would be good to check that a screw did not fell off. I guess there is simply too much orders that they can produce in this moment which leads to human assembly errors. I would be happier if lead time is longer but printers assembled with more precision. Is the printer manufactured in Ultimaker headquarters or in China i wonder?


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i have read that I should be able to move the head by hand to find some issues and I did it before I read your answer.

The Y axis (right-left) makes the noise near to the motor on the right hand side looking at the ultimaker.

I haven't really understood the thing with the black blocks and the pulleys. Is there a tutorial or something? :)

I am a bit angry, because this is the first time I bought an "out of the box" device to concentrate more on higher quality than getting the device to a working state. My brother wanted us to buy a makerbot and I wanted to support our neighbours in the Netherlands and this is what I get :(

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If it's the noise I think it is, it won't affect quality.

Is it worse or better as you get near max Y or min Y?

The black belts go through pulleys. If things aren't square - if things aren't lined up correct, the belt can be at an angle. The pulley needs to be perfectly above or below the rod. The pulleys can usually be aligned a bit on their shaft but for the most part they are supposed to be restricted from moving by being connected to their shaft with a grub screw and there are spacers to keep the entire shaft from sliding outside of the UM - keeping it in place. So it's possible you might have to loosen one or both grub screws and align things.

Or maybe this sound is something else.


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Is the printer manufactured in Ultimaker headquarters or in China i wonder?


Headquarters. Everything built there. They are a small business. There is a video tour on their website.


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