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Cura 4.4.1 (Linux) - Flipped prints and changing origin (not from centre to 000, but changing the location of 000)


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Posted · Cura 4.4.1 (Linux) - Flipped prints and changing origin (not from centre to 000, but changing the location of 000)

Got an issue with my Rep2x with Cura, I had noticed recently some prints were coming through backwards, literally. So I devised a test to see what happens. So first of all, please ignore the quality of the print. The problem is that I have currently got a larger mat on there, and the print out is literally off the bed (another issue for another day).
So, attached, is the print design. 
a in top left, b in top right, c bottom left and d bottom right.
As you can see it's printed wrong. bearing in mind I was expecting c  . and d. at the door.
So, I can only describe its printing as correctly on the left side of the book, then its been splatted shut and when opened up the print splat on the right side off the book, is what has actually come out the other end. 

Trying to figure out whether this is a config I can change on the slicer, or, if it's the custom-built Marlin I have for the rep 2x, it uses an SKR 1.3 as I rebuilt it from a shell, so I don't know if its a code issue even.

I have been advised it may be because 000 is botton left corner on the rep2x, but cura suggests the 000 is the top left, but the image is definitely flipped on print.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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    Posted (edited) · Cura 4.4.1 (Linux) - Flipped prints and changing origin (not from centre to 000, but changing the location of 000)

    It looks mirrored about the "Y" to me.  That isn't hard to do when you want to, but it's near impossible unless you're trying.  I guess a second option would be that somehow the Z got flipped?  I have no idea how that could be done - or undone.  Maybe the Z is moving negative steps (in a positive direction?)???


    To mirror about the Y on purpose:  All the X coordinates must be multiplied by -1 and the home offset is set to be X{plate width}.  The effect of that is to have the print show up in the -X, +Y, +Z octant instead of the +X, +Y, +Z octant.


    The plan view of the Cura build plate actually looks like this (X=0 at the left and +X going to the right,  and Y=0 at the bottom and +Y going up).




    But what you printed is this configuration.  The X=0 is on the right with -X going left.  The Y is the same as above.  Another way to view this is that the Z direction is wrong and +Z should be going down through the build surface.



    So my best guess (and it is definitely a guess) will be what I think is the simplest explanation:  Something is wrong with the Z.  Putting another guess on top of that guess - something changed in the firmware and it's interpreting the Z moves wrong/inverted/wonky/bonkers and the print is in the +X, +Y, -Z octant, but on top of the build plate.


    At the beginning of a Cura gcode file are the Max and Min X, Y, and Z coordinates.  What do they say?

    What are you using for the Auto-Home command (G28 or maybe M162?)

    What are your home offsets?


    (I think I just set a record for the most question marks I've ever put in a post.)





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