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UM² - Gcode pilot the motor stepper of extruder?

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I noticed a difference in my engine speed. I do not know why!


I can do is ziper two originals and the gcode generated file. One Cura with 13.12 and with each other Cura 14.01. Regard what can be a problem.


To do this I take the same. STL. We will be sure to have at least the same thing.


I hope this is not Cura..


By what means I can transfer files for the stress test?


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What do you mean by "engine speed". In Cura the word "Engine" describes the C program that does the slicing. You can see how fast it is by watching the progress bar.

By engine do you mean "extruder stepper motor"?

With cura ulticode mode, the extrusion speed is set on the ultimaker in the "filament settings" or "tune" menus.

With cura reprap mode, the extrusion speed is set by the expert settings.


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Yes, I looked at the settings and they are identical. ;)



Hum... If so, this is very interesting. I can´t understand why that happens, especially after read Daid's post. So as you, I am very far from knowing everything and it's the reason why this community is a very powerful tool, all our minds and experience together to improve and find better solutions.

can't wait for further findings on this one...

keep up the good work ;)


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I think I understand a few things.

My nozzle does not behave as it should. This resulted a residue inside which would impede the flow of filament :shock:

Check the course of the filament :

- Upstream , i find the boden ( do not worry, the filament sliding is ok) .

- Upstream, i find the stepper motor. I had trouble with the original design , the spring is a course is too limited. I keep mine and I have scratched the surface lot to make it smooth again. It's ok now.

Since then, following a council Marrit I heated nozzle 260 for a while. Smoke out the nozzle... I went out and expelled the hand of filament extrusion. It's ok. ;)

I revive an old file (cura 13.12 ), it works a little better.

I will then launch two stress test .

The first cut in 13.12 which should not be a problem. A second with 14.01 which is causing trouble.


Maybe that originally, this is perhaps my temperature sensor is the cause of my worries. I had to redo the connections. The white wire does not stay in place. :evil:


- If it Ultimaker² is back to normal , then this is not the gcode and it is the nozzle. A view to replace it. But anyway my extruder still suffered.

- If Ultimaker² is not returned in normal, first see if it is a gcode problem , then see if it is a problem of nozzle. See the two ...

I thank the community have helped me a lot when I started. This is a big plus that fact that I persevere. However, if the connection is not held, Marlin said if the temperature is weird, so I would not break other things. :)


Now, before you launch any print, I go into my Ultimaker ² advanced mode. I look at the temperatures given by the nozzle and the plate. In general, they announced the same temperature.


If I see too that the temperature jumps to many dozen of degree difference, I think back to check the connections. :p


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I have able to get out, finally, something.


1312 Imp


1401 Imp


Comparatif Imp


The settings look good. Bluidplate height appears to be one of the causes, as the extruder.


The first prevents extrusion.

The second chipping away the filament.


I think I need to replace the extruder now and how to adjust the buildplate correctly. I Callback support (open ticket) including Marrit to show him the subject and suggestions.


Thank you for your help. It is perhaps not too late. :)


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