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verbleibende Zeit bis "pause at height" | Time left till "pause at height"


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Posted · verbleibende Zeit bis "pause at height" | Time left till "pause at height"

Ich habe in einem 3D-Druck einen "pause at height" einprogrammiert und wüsste gerne schon beim slicen alternativ beim Starten des Drucks, wie lange es bis zu diesem Stopp dauert.

Ideal wäre natürlich, wenn mir der Drucker direkt die Dauer bis zum Stopp anzeigen würde und nicht die verbleibende Zeit bis zum Druckende.

Wahrscheinlich stehe ich einfach nur auf der Leitung und mich muss nur jemand mit der Nase drauf stoßen wo das steht  😉


I created a 3D-print with a "pause at height" and would like to know upfront when this stop will occure (if possible when I'm slicing or when I start the print).

In my opinion the best would be, if the printer would display the time till the stop and not the time till the end of the print.

Is anybody able to tell me where this option is (I'm almost sure that it is implemented).

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Posted · verbleibende Zeit bis "pause at height" | Time left till "pause at height"

"I'm almost sure that it is implemented."  I hope you didn't bet too much money on that.

So far as I know - all the post-processors that push print info to the LCD use "Time Remaining" in the overall print.


There is a line at every layer change in a Cura gcode ";TIME_ELAPSED:166.581220" which is in seconds.  A post processor would need to go down to the pause layer, get the Time_Elapsed at the start of that layer, and then start at the beginning of the file and insert M117 lines at each layer.  Some simple math would give the time to the pause layer.


I have done prints with up to 9 Pause At Heights in them.  Each succeeding pause would overwrite all the previous ones and what I would see on the LCD would be the time to the LAST pause as opposed to the time to the NEXT pause.  A clever coder (there are at least a couple around here) could get it to work.

But right now it does not appear that any post-processor does what you want.

An alternative is to open the Gcode file, search for "PauseAtHeight" and check the "TIME_ELAPSED".

Knowing the time you started the print, and the time elapsed at the pause layer, will give you a fair idea of when the pause will occur.


If I was to create something that would perform that function it could conceivably look like this.

Pick what layers you want to know about (or have it search the file for the pause layers) get the times, do some math, and prepare a table that can be dumped to a text file and printed (or this dialog could stay on-screen).  The piece of paper could be neatly taped next to the printer. 



LCD's...Hah!!  We don't need no stinkin' LCD's!

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Posted · verbleibende Zeit bis "pause at height" | Time left till "pause at height"

Thanks a lot. I didn't bet with my collegues, so I didn't loose anything.

It would be something, which would make sense to me, but it's good to know where the time elapsed is.

Since I do have only one "pause at height" in there by now, I only need to check for the layer and don't need to calculate.


We're at the very start of 3D-printing in our company and for today the problem is solved.

Anyway I'll have a 2nd look to this when I'm more familiar with 3D-printing or we'll have several stops.


Perhaps someone else solved this for me, till I think of displaying the time till the next pause again.  😉

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    Posted · verbleibende Zeit bis "pause at height" | Time left till "pause at height"

    I have an app I wrote to give me full control of my printer via the USB.  After seeing your post I added a post-processor that inserts M117 lines that send a "countdown to the pause layer" (regardless of how many pauses) to the LCD.  I added a user supplied "fudge factor" since the Cura time calculation is rarely exactly right.  I don't know that I will ever use it, I just wanted to see if I could do it.  Thanks for the idea.

    I scribble code in Visual Basic and if I could do it then someone at your company who is good with VBA should have no trouble doing the same thing in MS Excel.

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