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Tronxy X5SA: Starting print tempreture 0


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Posted · Tronxy X5SA: Starting print tempreture 0

Hi, all


I recently updated my Cura to 5.00, and it was working fine.

However, today something has changed, the gcode no longer sets the starting print temp, as such my printer now attempts to print at temp 0.

Ive looked at the Gcode in note pad and it seems the code is missing the M104 and M140 lines.


Is there any fix to add these back?

Using the older 4.12 version of Cura allows me to still use print in the mean time  

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    Posted · Tronxy X5SA: Starting print tempreture 0

    Post one of the 5.0 gcodes that isn't working.  The temperatures might be called out in your StartUp Gcode.  If they aren't then Cura should add them before the StartUp Gcode runs.

    If you open a 3mf project file it's possible to over-write the StartUp Gcode of your printer definition.

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    Posted · Tronxy X5SA: Starting print tempreture 0

    Here is a snippet from the gcode file:

    M190 S55 ; Set bed temperature and wait
    G28 ; Home all axis
    ; Uncomment the line below to enable ABL Mesh probing
    ;G29 ; Probe bed mesh for ABL
    ; For best results do not run nozzle heater while performing ABL
    G1 Z5.0 ; Raise nozzle to prevent scratching of heat bed
    G1 X0 Y0 ; Move nozzle to Home before heating
    M109 S200 T0 ; Set nozzle temp and wait

    Those lines are part of your startup gcode.  The temperature lines "M109" and M190" are there.   It looks like it should work to me.

    I ran it through my Ender in debug mode and it worked.


    In Cura if you go to Manage Printers and then Machine Settings you should see lines like this in your StartUp Gcode:

    M190 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0}


    M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}


    Because they call out the temperatures in StartUp then Cura doesn't add the M104 and M140 lines prior to the startup as they aren't needed.


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    Posted · Tronxy X5SA: Starting print tempreture 0

    When I attempt to run this file it attempts to print at 0 it seems. (image attached below).

    Ive added the M140, M104, and M109 lines to the start up code and the issue seems to be fixed?


    set to 0.jpg

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