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Should ultimaker team KILL google group ?

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I think it is becoming a little silly having this offiial ultimaker forum and at the same time, a totally seperate google group ?

The ultimaker community is growing solidly in the last months and we need to keep together.

We are much stronger together helping us make the ultimaker the best 3d kit printer in the world.

But we need the ultimaker team to sit down one evening with a coffee, copy over all the content from the google group and shut it down.

Then with all the content logged on this forum, users can easily use the handy search option to track down info and help.

Also we get to meet other cool ultimaker users that simply stick to the google group ?

There is of course one other option ??

if the ultimaker team is too busy ?? a few users here can just start backing up every thing from google group onto this forum and then just spam, every seperate entry in google group, that the tread will be continues and supported here ?

that is the HARDCORE SHUT DOWN option ?

Any way else in favour of getting all the guys together ?

community is better than two seperate parties.


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I prefer the forum format by far, it's so much easier to find what you're looking for and it's a lot easier to read as well IMHO. Just something simple like images being displayed inline is so much better than having to click links.

I also find it's easier to keep track of what you have and have not already read. I read the forum by using the "View new posts" link which makes it really easy to see what I want to read. Mailing lists feel a bit... dated, to be diplomatic about it.

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i asked the same question on the google group and they said the complete opposite.

I am still in the opinion some one should just pull the plug completely on the google group and just post one big link to here.

Id all users were here, the ultimaker guys could get much better contensed feedback about their service and product.

Also just organising the information would be so much more productive.

What ever weaknesses there are with the forum format, they can all be resolved with a little php hacking.

The forum is the future.

Ian :D

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