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Does PLA warp after printing?


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Posted · Does PLA warp after printing?

I'm certainly aware of the warping that can take place with PLA+ filament when left out for long periods of time.  I've learned my lesson, and now keep them stored in a sealed tub filled with silica packets that I get easily at work.  What I want to know is if PLA+ prints are subject to warping after printing.  Can a printed model pick up moisture (humidity) after it has been printed, or is it only the filament (pre-print) that does this?


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    Posted · Does PLA warp after printing?

    I hoped someone else would answer this.  My answer: "I doubt it warps after printing". 


    Most people, when talking about warping releated to 3d printing are talking about how when the part cools it can warp off the print bed and the bottom of the print can curl up.


    Pretty much all filaments absorb water from the air and this is a serious consideration for PVA, and Nylons but I've never head to worry about it for PLA.  I don't know much about PLA+ but in my experience it is so very close to PLA that it's not much different but I don't know.  I've left a PLA parts outdoors in the rain (and sun) for about 8 years now and it still looks and feels like new.


    My understanding with PLA (or is it PETG - Damn I forget) is that it is not as strong if it absorbs water.  But the parts I print (which are functional and mechanical) have so little stress that I've never noticed any issues (my parts are probably all 10X stronger than they need to be - plastic is strong! lol).


    The only "warping" issue I've experience with PLA is that if you put it under enough stress it will slowly move - over the course of months and years.  For example if you made a small hook and hung something heavy on that hook, the hook will unbend over the course of months until the object falls off the hook.


    But it has to be significant stress.

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