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Is there a plugin to change layer height at when ever ?

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Is there such thing as "change layer height on the go" ?

As a small windows apps programmer i can totally see its possible BUT because i would have to deal with entire G-code, its going to bee too complex and not worth time.

Plugin on the other hand may be a solution if CURA slicer reads plugin information each layer generated rather then once for the entire g-code.

Does anybody have anything on that topic ?


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Daid certainly has... :wink:

It was discussed earlier somewhere in the Cura subforum if there should be the possiblity to change layer height throughout a print. If this is implemented some day, it most probably has to be in the slicer engine directly. There was once the idea to allow not only postprocess plugins but so-called UI-plugins which directly affect the slicing process (if I didn't get it completely wrong).

However, I see a possibility for a 'simple' postprocess plugin which replaces e.g. two layers of a certain height with one layer of double the height using the x- and y-coordinates of the lower layer. It could be restricted to a start and end height or layer no. respectively.


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It's not simple. Far from it actually.

Most users print with a pre 'compiled' g-code on SD card. The control electronics simply don't have the processing power to (re) compute the g-code.

Slicing the model in 0.02 layers and merging those layers on the machine itself (depending on the layer thickness) is far from feasable.


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How about this feature:

Cut your model in pieces inside 3d application.

Import each piece into CURA at different layer height print.

Cura does not stack objects one on top of another, but it can if 1st printed piece last layer would be treated as your z stop and a start for a new object to print at different layer height.

I hope this make sense.

Few steps eazy to accomplish.

#1 create multiple layer height project.

#2 import 1st piece

#3 set piece layer height

#4 import 2nd piece

#5 2nd piece lands directly on top of the 1st one with changed color.


CURA Slicer should generate 2 codes, 1 for 1st piece and 2nd for 2nd piece. First "code end" and second "code start" would need to be different then usual. 2 piece should start printing from the same place last layer finished, but at this point it run by a new code that was generated using different layer height, so it simply continues to print untill next piece gcode changes layer height ir until print is finished

Its eazy. All CURA has to do is to generate 2 separate gcode for each piece that i need to print at different layer height and combine them into 1 gcode that can be exported to SD or what ever.

Layer height is not the only option users should have access to, there should be all sorts of settings for fill and support etc that user might want to change per piece.


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