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3d models clipping through bottom of build plate

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Posted · 3d models clipping through bottom of build plate

I'm new to 3d modeling/printing and grabbed a few things from thingiverse to print for myself. However, the models seem to be clipping below the build plate, causing any rounded edge to become entirely flat on the bottom part. I *know* the settings are wrong on this, due to both being new at 3d printing and to my attempts to get this working at all. I'm using an Ender 3 v2 printer from creality. I've raised the model parts in this project file to a ridiculous height in an attempt to get it to lift it at all to where it's no longer clipping the bottom of the model. I've tried using a raft, didn't fix it, and I have the drop models setting unchecked for all of the pieces as well as in my preferences. I'm unsure of what to do here, as most of the builds I'm interested in making require a complete round surface and it's just not feasible to print them on another side that's flat (if they even have one). I've attached the project file here as well as a few screenshots, and I'm taking a break from trying to figure this out for now.

Thanks in advanceimage.thumb.png.22f6b22aa474212011125cbfe0ddfcc3.pngimage.thumb.png.b81d129bb48e4ef898ada8af0b9bbdd2.png


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    Posted · 3d models clipping through bottom of build plate

    There's a bug in Cura 5.3 that makes the "Remove Empty Layers" setting apply when there is support material. Previous versions would simply ignore the "Remove Empty Layers" setting if supports are enabled.



    * disable supports

    * find the "Remove Empty Layers" setting and uncheck it

    * re-enable supports

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    Posted · 3d models clipping through bottom of build plate

    I'd go a different way with this.  Each of those models really have different needs so I separated them each to their own file.

    • For the "knife" file I've done as AHoeben suggests and fixed the Support.  The knife is 1mm off the build plate.  I added some horizontal expansion to the support so the tip would be supported.
    • Because the cylinder object is so tall I've used "Search and Replace" to change the Y acceleration at layer 650.  Bed slinger printers can be rough on tall narrow objects so slowing down the accel on the Y axis softens the moves and keeps the print from being shaken loose and failing.  The vertical orientation will allow those fine features around the cylinder to have much better definition.  (BTW the cylinder had errors in the model.  The one in the attached project file was repaired with MS 3D Builder.)
    • I rotated the ring so it's vertical.  I think it will just print better than way.  With the "Floor Distance" at 2X layer height the scarring from the support won't be as bad.  That part does have a couple of features around the base that really could use support, but they are so small that the support can't get in there.

    You don't have to do any of that of course, it's just another way to skin this cat.


    One last comment...Your Support Flow and Support Interface Flow at 125% is really high.  I generally run them at 90% to make the supports weaker and easier to remove.  Putting them down thinner also allows the interface to cool faster and so the "real" model doesn't tend to stick to the interface as well.


    And now I'm going fishing.



    Liftedbuild KNIFE.3mf Liftedbuild PULL RING.3mf Liftedbuild CYLINDER.3mf

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    Posted · 3d models clipping through bottom of build plate

    I’ve looked for the remove empty layers option but couldn’t locate it, I’m unsure of where it is. Do supports need to be turned off for it to show up or something?

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