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Cura 4 project files not opening correctly in Cura 5.3.1

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Posted · Cura 4 project files not opening correctly in Cura 5.3.1

Hi everyone. This is to report my findings on the new Cura 5.3.1, regarding the issue reported in this thread.


I'm sad to report that the issue has only partially been resolved. Now Cura project files do open as projects, but not all printer parameters are restored! As an example, see the following screenshots, showing the imported settings of the exact same project file, in Cura 4.13.1 and Cura 5.3.1:




The settings in Cura 4.13.1 are correct and complete, but the settings in Cura 5.3.1 are not complete! Notice that the Top/Bottom settings still have the default values (1.05 mm, 7 layers) for the Visual profile, instead of the correct values (1.5 mm, 10 layers). If the operator does not notice this, the resulting part, when sliced using Cura 5.3.1, will thus be weaker by having thinner top/bottom surfaces. Unacceptable!


I'm sorry to have to say this, but the new versions of Cura seem to create more problems that they solve. The above behavior, where only some of the printer settings are imported in Cura, is totally unacceptable in a professional work environment, where it is critical for the correct settings to be used when printing a part.


If the Cura developers read this, please have a thorough look at the above issue and see if you can find where the compatibility is broken. Please try to fix this issue once and for all, so that the users can be assured that when they load an old project, ALL printer settings are imported, as they should be.

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    Posted · Cura 4 project files not opening correctly in Cura 5.3.1
    19 hours ago, Dustin said:

    Sorry your having issues, however the best place to report bugs and issues is over on github. 
    Reporting the issue to github ensures the dev team actually sees the report.
    You can report the issue here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues


    Hi @Dustin, many thanks for pointing me to GitHub. I've just raised an issue about this there. Hopefully, the developers will see it and do something about it.


    This is a serious issue for us, because we have many project files created in Cura 4, which have been perfectly fine-tuned to print specific parts. Not having the confidence that all project settings are imported every time we open a project file defies the purpose of using project files, and forces us to manually check and add the missing parameters. This is time-consuming and prone to errors. I hope this issue will be resolved soon.

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    Posted · Cura 4 project files not opening correctly in Cura 5.3.1

    Hello @Dustin and everyone!


    I finally found some time to do some more tests regarding this issue. It turns out that the problem was with the project files themselves, and NOT with Cura 5.3.1. For some odd reason, some of the parameters I had changed in Cura 4 were flagged as "not changed" in the project file, and Cura 5.3.1 simply didn't update them when the project file was loaded. I don't know what caused the project files to behave like this, perhaps a bug in an older version of Cura 4 I was using at the time.


    I have now updated all my Cura project files, and they all load correctly in Cura 5.3.1.


    In conclusion, there is no need to do anything in Cura 5.3.1. I have already closed the issue I raised about this in GitHub.


    Many thanks to @MariMakes for taking the time to respond on GitHub, and please accept my apologies for raising an issue which was not what I initially thought it was... I'm happy that my confidence in Cura 5.3.1 has been restored and that my project files are now loading correctly.

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