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Endless filament retractions

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Posted · Endless filament retractions


I simply want to print a 2mm wall circular tube drawn with Freecad and exported as 3mf. Cura does 2 or 3 filament retractions at every layer. Why??? It really doesn't need any retractions to squirt some plastic in a circle!


Generally with diverse projects I notice Cura does endless pointless retractions all over the place, and generally ruins the output with seams, and eventually gums up the hotend as a side effect. Yes, I could mess around with wiping, and all the other dozens of settings that might affect retractions. All of these barely help at all unless you force them into a state where some of these settings are marked red. Further, anything other than standard settings detract from getting on with producing usable output. (I didn't buy a 3d printer for playing, but for printing.)


It seems like nothing can stop Cura regularly retracting the filament for no explicable reason...?


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    Posted · Endless filament retractions

    @Peter_E6 In addition to Obewan's suggestion you have settings that simply don't apply:  Avoid Printed Parts (impossible on this model), Avoid supports (none on this model), and combing set to Not In Skin (there isn't any on this model).

    Those are going to cause retractions because they affect other settings.


    "It seems like nothing can stop Cura regularly retracting the filament for no explicable reason"

    Any printer is a 4 axis (at least) robot.  It has to be programmed to go and do what it's supposed to do.  Any slicer has to be set up so that the generated gcode does what the user requires.  This is the user's responsibility because in the end, the retractions and other things that the printer does is dependent on the input of the user.  There is always a reason for any retraction and that is because that's how the software was set up.  Now if there is a bug in the software then that is a different story.  I do see problems with your settings.  I don't see a bug.


    With your settings there are 182 retractions between ";LAYER:0" and the end of the file.  Since the model is 260 layers that is somewhat less than one retraction per layer.


    Turn off Avoid Printed Parts, Avoid Supports, Retract Before Outer Wall, set Combing to "ALL", and set Retraction Minimum Travel to 10.0.

    With those changes there are 5 retractions between ";LAYER:0" and the end of the file.  That's about 3% of what you are getting with your settings.


    I hope I made some sense.






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