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Posted · Extreme Layer Shift

I decided to run this torture toaster to test my Ender 3 Pro. This is my longest print by far, and totalled over 16 hours after slicing. I'm not yet confident leaving my printer alone for very long, so I played around with a bunch of slicer settings to reduce the time to around 12 hours. I printed at 80mm/s with acceleration and jerk control on, 8% gradual infill, and I lowered my top and bottom layers to 3.


I ran the print overnight, and woke up to a very extreme, one-time layer shift (see attached image). Anyone know what may have caused this? The print was still secured to the bed when I stopped it, so it wasn't an adhesion issue, but I suspect my Y-axis stepper took a break mid-print.


Also, any suggestions on how to print fast without these issues? Or recommendations on upgrades that can alleviate this issue if it keeps happening?


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    Posted · Extreme Layer Shift

    It's always a nervous thing letting them run overnight.

    What printer did that happen on?

    Could there have been a power blip during the night?

    Does the Y stepper get nicely warm when it's running?

    Is the mainboard cooling fan working?

    Is there a Vref adjustment on the stepper drivers?


    A severe offset like that on a cartesian printer would seem to involve more more than just a belt jumping a tooth.




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    Posted · Extreme Layer Shift

    I'm using an Ender 3 Pro. There wasn't a power outage (I'd know because I would've had to reset the clock on my microwave). I think my cooling works properly, but I'm not sure at higher speeds such as 80+ mm/s... I haven't made any adjustments to the stepper drivers.

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