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new to ReplicatorG0034 Help needed!

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Posted · new to ReplicatorG0034 Help needed!

I have the Replicator G 0034 working now. The Firmware on the machine as shown in the machineinfo:

System Information

ReplicatorG version: 0034

Java version: 1.6.0_31


Profile Name: Ultimaker Sprinter/Marlin

Driver Type: RepRap5D

Name: Ultimaker Sprinter/Marlin

Motherboard firmware version: Marlin v1.0

The lights turn Green in RepG34 wen i click "turn on" and the temp reading is there.

The control panel acts as expected and i can change temperature. But i cant start the extrudermotor from the control panel even when target temps are reached.

When i start the calibration print provided in the RepG34 everything starts runnings fine but the extruder is speeding like hell. I tried various things with the gcode but couldnt get it to work as desired.

I have a standalone slic3r running now but i cant access its functions from within RepG0034

the log says:

[23] Yes, I have a Realtime Control feature.

[23] Supports RC

[23] Beginning toolpath generation.

[23] Could not run Slic3r.

[23] Toolpath generation failed!

i can make gcodes with the standalone slic3r though. but i dont have enough time left testing all its functions and reading trough thousands of posts and tutorials.

I think il downgrade to 5G and Rep0025 witch i know how to operate.

Any help is highly apreciated.


Yvo W.

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Posted · new to ReplicatorG0034 Help needed!

Its just Slic3r that is causing the problem, your program is running fine. Do you run windows, mac or linux?

Slic3r should standard be in the map slic3r/bin (or something similar), unless you decided to change/delete the slic3r map (which can cause problems).

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Posted · new to ReplicatorG0034 Help needed!

I have some good news.

Running on RepG0025, SF35 and 5G firmware.

Yesterday late i could 3D print a nearly perfect and working whiste.

built the second printer in under 8 hours.(had some help..)

I was able to produce some handsome prints

now sitting on my couch and printing with both machines simultanously.

i hope to upgrade to most actual softwares as soon as i can though.

thx for all the helping minds in this forum.


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