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First layer, shell, fill, support, speed settings dog bowl

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UM tick and air printing20140424 134549 resized

Who can help me with the settings for just a simple dog bowl.

I tried this:

wall thickness 3mm, layer height 0.2, retraction, shell and top/bottom 0.4, fill 20%, printspeed 75, support type everywhere.

PLA broke, so it went on printing in the air. After reparation (first started unscrewing extrusion, but stopped and printed something putting the new PLA after it) I hear a strange tick. First I thought it came from the fill, but I think it comes from right axes. Anyway, I tried to change the settings into

0.1 layer, no retraction

Shell to 1.4 and 1.0, botoom/top to 0, fill to 0.

It is hopless and gives a bad result, in the first place because the first layer doesn't want to stick. But also it prints holes instead of filled.

The designer (said he had to use a epoxy to make it waterproof...) advised no support, layer 0.25, top/bottom 0.75, speed 60. This started fine (I changed the PLA into one I bought from UM, to make sure it was no PLA quality issue and changed wall thickness and size into original settings), but at about 30% it started to print in the air (no broken PLA).

Here is the code from thingiverse, openscad, so I could change the name, how I printed it as on the video (In the design I changed the size of bottom/top diameter into 150/125, later I changed wall thickness and size into original).


use <Write.scad>

wig = 0.01/1; // Number to ensure overlaps.

//Number of facets in a circle. More = smoother.

$fn=60; // [15,20,30,45,60,100]

//Diameter of the bottom of the bowl.

cone_bot = 150;

//Diameter of the top of the bowl.

cone_top = 125;

//Height of the bowl.

cone_h = 50;

//Interior diameter of the bowl.

bowl_d = 127;

//Wall thickness of the cone portion of the bowl.

wall_t = 3;

//Words on the bowl.

words = "DUMMIE & FONS";

delta = (cone_bot-cone_top)/2;

avg_r = (cone_top+cone_bot)/4;

angle = atan(delta/cone_h);

module bowl(TEXT) {

difference() {

union() {


intersection() {





difference() {

translate([0,0,-wall_t/sin(angle)]) cylinder(r1=cone_bot/2, r2=cone_top/2, h=cone_h,center=false);

translate([0,0,cone_h-wall_t/sin(angle)]) scale([1,1,2*(cone_h-wall_t)/bowl_d]) sphere(bowl_d/2);


translate([0,0,cone_h]) scale([1,1,2*(cone_h-wall_t)/bowl_d]) sphere(bowl_d/2);





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Haven't looked at the STL to see whether it looks printable without support. But you definitely want the shell thickness to be more than 0.4mm - that's just a single pass of the head. For something like this that needs some strength, you probably want at least two passed - 0.8mm. For the top and bottom thickness, you need at least 5 or 6 layers to ensure that any bridged parts or infill gets properly covered. So with a 0.2mm layer height, you need a top/bottom thickness of 1mm or more.


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PS... while PLA can be foodsafe, there's no guarantee that it is, as formulated for 3D printing with dyes and other additives. So it might not be the best idea to make a food/water bowl out of it.

Also, it's very unlikely that you'll end up with a watertight piece by default. You'll almost certainly need to seal it with something.


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Unfortunately the fan was not the cause of the tick. And the PLA broke. I have the feeling it has someting to do with the feeding.

I changed the PLA into another colour and gave a lot of attention of how to hangup the PLA role. It started wiwth the tick, but suddenly it disappeared and now it is printing very smooth, tick has gone!

Any idea why it suddenly starts printing in the air? I had it once before, disappeared with next print. But I would like to know if that can be prevented.


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