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Hello I am located in Holland and just bought an UM2 I have a few filament rolls left from my other K8200 printer with a diameter of 3.0 can I use these in the UM2 and do I have to adjust the spring for the loader?

Anyhow how much tension must this adjuster have the white plastic indicator is at the top with UM2 filament.

Strange enough I never used anything on the bed to keep the filament stick on the bed with the K8200 other then a temp of 58 degree now with UM2 filament I have to sue glue.

Is there another way to stick the filament first layer?



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Hi Rob,

Is the filament exactly 3.0mm or is it within the 3.0 range but it actually is approx. 2.85mm ?

3.0mm would be the max, because the ID of the bowden tube is 3.16mm and 3.0mm may create some friction.

For PLA you don't necessarily need glue, but if it is a rather large footprint you may want to use it.

For ABS you do want to put some glue on the bed.

Heat up the bed to 65ºC and for most (PLA) prints you should be fine :)


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Sander speaks truth.

If the filament reaches 3.01mm it will probably get stuck in the clear bowden tube. Difficult to get out.

There's lots of techniques to get PLA to stick to glass. Thin layer of glue stick and bed temperatures above 40C is usually good enough. With large prints you also want brim.

It also helps to have the first layer pressed firmly into the glass (leveling is important) and you might want to print a bit hotter and slower for the first layer (240C). Cura normally prints slower for the first layer.

But for parts < 80mm glue and 60C is usually enough.


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