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Stringing problem

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i am new to 3D print and i got a little problem with stringing.

image of print:


and that ar my settings in cura:



What am i doung wrong any help is welcome !

RE: Primož


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The stringing is due to the nozzle oozing slightly during the moves between each island. A tiny drip forms, and then wipes off when it gets back to the edge of the print. That's why the fronds gradually move away from the shell - the wipe happens on the edge of the previous layers wipe blob.

Your settings look basically ok, and its a nice looking print apart from the ooze. I'd make the retractions a bit less enthusiastic - set a minimum travel distance of maybe 1mm, so you aren't retracting even for tiny infill moves. That's not relevant to the problem, but it will help speed the print up and avoid grinding. The other thing I'd do is turn off the z-hop setting. Z-moves are much slower than x-y and are probably slowing down the movement, allowing more time for the head to drip.

Finally, check your retraction settings in the printer. I generally use 5.5mm at 35mm/s.


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tnx for help i use same retraction settings as you do i shall try turning of the z-hop and print again.

one more question is there any option to stop that oozing i print with your pla bronze at 195C something like retraction to happen let say 0.5mm earlier so the oozing don't have time to appear.

RE Primož


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