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possible to use UM2 in power strip with auto-shutoff?

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You can get a power strip that will automatically turn off the power when it detects that the device plugged in has dropped into an idle mode, drawing less than XX amount of current. Has anyone used such a thing with the UM2, and does it work OK?

With overnight print runs, the head fan ends up running quite a bit longer than necessary. I don't think it uses much power, but it makes some noise, and it will probably wear out eventually, so it would be nice to completely shut off power once the print is done (well, and the head has cooled off, so maybe a 5 minute delay...)

I am thinking about something like this device:


it has a switch to adjust the sensitivity (threshold of current draw before shutoff).

I'm wondering if it would not work because the power draw during "on but not yet printing" might be the same as "finished printing", so it would turn off before I could start.

Or maybe a custom build of firmware could be used, which controls its own power when connected to something like http://www.adafruit.com/products/268


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The trick might be:

Outsmart the idle detection by Power Saver or Master- / Slave- Power-Point.

:idea: Depending on the hardware and price category, the Power-Saver / M- S P-P is adjustable.

- Use an additional 2-way socket on the Power Saver.

- Connect the Ultimaker with the Power Saver.

- Connecting a second consumer, such as a desk lamp (>10W>>>15W) with the Power Saver (Master).


- When the lamp is on and Ultimaker, start a print job.

- The energy requirement is now above idle detection.

- Turn the lamp OFF, the energy demand is still above idle detection.

- If the print job is processed, the Ultimaker goes to idle mode and the Power Saver recognizes the idle.

But there will be a disadvantage:

Turns the power saver without adjustable delay off, then there is no cooldown for the Print Head. Whether this is a problem that could explain to you Daid.

I have not yet tried it. My logic unit has commanded me to write this to you. :lol:

By the way:

I know currently no Ultimaker 2, in which goes to any length of time, the rear fan by itself OFF. Unfortunately, this fan is always running when the Ultimaker is ON.



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I don't think it would ever switch off the UM2. When you first plug in the power supply it takes a massive amount of current (very briefly) even if not connected to a printer. So it seems like even if the draw was very low if you turn it off it will soon start drawing more power (within a minute) and the power strip will turn it back on. But I don't know.

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I believe in a non-adjustable Power-Saver idle detection is 10 - 15 Watt. I do not know currently how much energy the UM2 needed at idle. But there are likely to be significantly less than 10W.

And I think a power-saver it does not matter how high the starting / ending load is, as long as the maximum Master-load (typically 500 W) is not exceeded.

Modern switching power supplies with very high power output have a starting current limitation, I think. No idea if there is a turn-OFF current limitation. But the whole thing probably depends on how a Power Saver performs the separation of power.

This master / slave things were originally conceived for PC's with a lot of accessories. Lots of switching power supplies are there may be in use. Consequently, it could also work with a UM2 PSU plus lamp on the master terminal.

An attempt will show us, please volunteer. :lol:



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