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What's wrong with the sales department?

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I have been waiting for almost a month to get a response from the sales department. So I decided to write here.

Apparently, somebody forgot to put my name on my package (#RSL-135-77789). So the package was delivered to the customs department of FedEX for our university. They do not let me get it individually, just because it was sent for the university not for me.

What's worse is that nobody responds to my e-mails. A week ago, I submitted a ticket to the support page of Ultimaker website, but still no luck.

Since noone seems to read the e-mails, I assumed I was doing something wrong. How am I supposed to get after-sales support?


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Hi Sinan,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear you have not had a reply in the last week.

I have informed my colleague to follow up with you today and solve your issue with customs asap.

I am sorry to hear you are facing these difficulties with custom clearance and a delayed response.

You are on my colleagues radar now and I am sure it will be solved soon.

Thank you for your time and patience,


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I had pretty much the same issue with my printer delivery.

I had it delivered to the company I work for and even though I put my name in the delivery address, only the company was mentioned. There are 500 people working in that building so my heart pretty much stopped when I saw the tracking go to "delivered" without hearing anything. It took me 4 hours of running around like a headless chicken to locate the darn thing. Luckily for me, since I know where the package was coming from and what it was supposed to contain they weren't too annoying in releasing it.

I sent sales a message that same day of delivery and they assured me they would look into it.

Haven't heard more since its not really important for me, but I hope they did. Far from pleasant, these things.


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